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Torchlight 2 now accepting pre-orders! Still no release date, but this gives me hope.

Our official announcement is out - Pre-orders for Torchlight 2 are live! Get a free copy of Torchlight I, and check out the 4-pack on Steam. Happy Thursday!
Pre-orders are now live for Torchlight II! You can find Torchlight II available for pre-order through two platforms, Steam and Perfect World Entertainment, and it retails for just $19.99 (£14.99, €18....
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AWESOME!! A 4-pack? Let's take a look-see and check who's interested!
If you don't have a 4th yet, I'm in!
I think I have four just in my own family, so don't count me!
We're have you been? :D I'm sure we can spread this around ... somewhere.
I'm realizing I may need two as well...Blast!
Well, Garrie hasn't claimed one of the 4 yet just claim it ;)
Huh... well, I see three packages in our future. We'll have to work it out.
My co-worker wants two also, so if i go with him, and Ben times two plus Erik plus Justin make another four, then we're covered for everyone that's spoken so far.
I went ahead and bought mine already. Matt Clift was interested in getting a copy though. I think he wanted to get it soon so he could try out Torchlight 1 right now. Anybody buying soon?
I... we already got our 4-pack, unfortunately. It was quiet in this space for a while. :(
I still need 2, so if anyone else needs one, lets get this pack!
I'll take another one for Spencer.
ah, g+. I kinda have you figured out... :p

anyway, I am interested in getting in on this. If I'm reading correctly, that makes 4?
I'll buy it, and gift it out. I just need the steam names to send it to.
Long story short, someone else will have to buy them.
So I heard.  Lameness on their part.
I did get them to give me a refund, but that was the best I could do.
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