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I wonder if Google would be finding these horrible data-leaking bugs right now if they had continued to give G+ the attention it deserved the past few years.
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I orders books I never received, so I emailed and it's been a week with no reply. Is there some other way to get in touch with the trolls about it?

I'm in Toronto for a week on business, are there any great gaming related stores I should try to visit while I'm here?

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The Black Company (#1 in the series) ebook is free for the next few days from the Tor book club. You have to sign up for their mailing list, though. I just started reading these a few years ago and now they're some of my favorite ever.
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The ambition of the new series is to apparently adapt all of the Conan stories, interspersed with new material forming a serial element to better connect the stories together. The show's pilot episode will adapt The Frost-Giant's Daughter, chronologically the earliest story of Conan's life.
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I want some opinions. I'd like to play some RuneQuest, but I've never played any d100 before. Normally I'm an old school D&Der. If I'm going to get the rules and play a short campaign with my friends:
1. Which iteration of RuneQuest should I get?
2. Why?

So I joined instagram to follow my kids, is there anything OSR-related worth following on Instagram? Major publishers, artists, or whatever?

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+D.j. Chadwick Made me think of you
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Haha! :D

(This is the version I meant to post)
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Four pairs of pants of the same style, four different sizes. I'm pretty sure Old Navy sets the sizes on their pants by having someone hold them up and make a guess, "mmmmm probably about this."
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