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Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy Librarian. Current MBA/Futures Studies student, Former Science Librarian at Yale University. Former Director of Library Futures w/ Innovative Interfaces.
Joe Murphy Librarian. Current MBA/Futures Studies student, Former Science Librarian at Yale University. Former Director of Library Futures w/ Innovative Interfaces.

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Video Interview With Author Of Create Your Future The Peter Drucker Way.

The connection between foresight and management is elemental to the nature of leadership.

I interviewed Bruce Rosenstein, author of Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way via Google Hangouts about the confluence of management and futures studies via the futurism mindset. Touched upon leadership and libraries.
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Joe Murphy, Librarian and Futurist, is adding an MS in Foresight and an EMBA to 5 years in Yale libraries plus experience as a Director of Futures for a technology company as well as degrees in physics and Library and Information Science. Joe Murphy combines Foresight (Futures Studies) strategy, Management, research, and systems thinking to connecting creative solutions to business plans. #Foresight   #libraries  

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Business management planning and Strategic Foresight come together in a further overlap via the stakeholders’ performance expectations gap for long term sustainable growth strategy

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In a noteworthy foresight scanning hit about Artificial Intelligence - The AI in Google’s autonomous cars may count as a human driver according to The  National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration What a web of impacted stakeholders … 
See the letter from NHTSA here #foresight   #AI   #scanninghit  

When asked on Twitter “Why” in response to me earning a certificate in Foresight I responded with this - To understand & maximize probable futures, analyze possible/alternative directions, & guide towards preferable futures. 
This reflects the Framework Foresight methodology analyzing the predictable or expected, the alternative and measurably likely, and the desired amongst those for our institution. 

In answer to “@gingerhwilliams” additional statement that “The last thing universities need to be doing is giving out certificates for foresight.” I say the strongest commonality all disciplines have is strategic planning, the need for preparing for multiple directions, and maximizing the identifiable trends and the less suspected changes. Providing formal multidisciplinary training in Foresight based on theory and practice is valuable in the university setting to the school and to the professional community. 

CC @houstonfutures#foresight 
From @gingerhwilliams“Why?” 

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I have earned a professional Certificate in Foresight (futures studies) from the University of Houston @houstonfutures 
Now on to deeper training in Strategic Foresight methods with the MS in Foresight which I have also begun. 

Analyzing alternative futures, guiding preferred directions, planning for uncertainty & discontinuous change. #foresight 

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FCC to treat internet access as essential as phone service which it subsidizes for 12 million low income US households (audio) 
High speed internet is “essential to economic well-being as good transportation and telephone service.” 

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White House’s plan to provide eBooks reveals a partnership driven future with content as connector
My guest post for Houston Foresight @houstonfutures#foresight 

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“A Home Air Quality Monitor That Can Be Checked Out From The Library” A great partnership between lab, library, & product @cmucreatelab @specksensor 

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“Libraries could outlast the internet, head of British Library says.” “Stop asking whether libraries will still exist in the digital age, Roly Keating says” 
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