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Also, just posted a BTS video overview of shooting the D4...
We've got some major thank you's to offer as we dipped our toe into the waters of video. First off to Nikon who trusted us with this project and their hand built, prototype D4 cameras. (See th...
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Saw that this morning Joe. Good stuff, for an old still photog ;-)
Awesome, Joe, just awesome. As always.
awesome, Awesome, AWSOME!
Each time I see your images they just blow me away!.
I especially love the pic of the guy playing the clarinet. PERFECT!

Your great fan, Andi
Very interesting. Thank you very much.
great photos and nice behind scenses video
As usual Joe, absolute class!
many, many thanks gang, for the kind words. it is a bit of of an old dog learning some new tricks, but you have to keep learning and keep trying....all best and tx for the encouragement...
Joe, As you know yesterday was suppose to be the shipping day for the new D4. I have mine on order and waiting like everyone. Any reason why the delay or why Nikon hasn't stated.
dunno ray....honestly don't...i'm going to ask about it down at wppi and see wassup...i have to imagine its firmware tweaking and such
Very funny, I had a lot of fun watching it. I like a lot the images and the warmth of the portraits.
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