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Early to bed... Early to rise... Work like hell and advertise. -Ted Turner
Early to bed... Early to rise... Work like hell and advertise. -Ted Turner

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The price of perfect SEO and Development
And history repeats itself..
This is what it looks like after way too many 18 hour days and all nighters...
My body and brain hate me but when you love what you do and clients are happy its all worth it!
Found this post of mine this morning from last year July 2014. Had to re-share, its where I am today..

The price of perfect SEO and Development

This is what it looks like after way too many 18 hour days and all nighters...

My body and brain hate me, my billion dollar clients love me!

Time for a week of vacation in south Florida on the beach.

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Homepage Markup for Attorneys
Come join us and learn a critical element of Technical SEO!
This will be a cool live hangout about Homepage Markup for Attorneys. With all the latest Google algorithm changes having the proper markup on your site is critical for ranking.
Razor Rank's head, Joe Mas has a don't miss segment for attorneys (or other professionals), having Google’s preferred markup on your homepage will help indicate to search engine algorithms information about your practice. This information includes items such as the location(s) of your offices, preferred logo and other important information about an organization to show in search results.

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Looking forward to a new chapter in life as President of Razor Rank LLC, a world class SEO consulting firm.

Truly living the dream!

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If your in the legal space, I highly recommend getting in touch with +Michael Ehline to get info about attending this conference. I can say from experience this is tremendous experience you just don't can't afford to miss.

+Guajardo & Marks, LLP
+Rasansky Law Firm 
+Dottie Hyde 
+The Law Office of Jeffery King, PLLC

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That video was pretty cool +Michael Ehline

Happy really late 4th!

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Ranking for "Social Media Markup" - SEO Content Authority Test
Check this out... I actually wrote this post to test a theory about a recent algorithm change that effects what Google sees as authority content type pages. So the real purpose of this post was to see how quickly I could get the article to rank for "social media markup" solely based on content structure, basic HTML page structure and external linking from the article. I didn't even use article markup. No back link building, quite the opposite. And no marketing at all. All I did was fetch and render it in Google Webmaster Tools to get it crawled quickly. That's it.

The results are:

- It took less than 4 days to get to position #3 in search.

More incredibly, it shows up for a whole bunch of related queries too. All in the top 3 to 4 positions.

It seems to bounce betwween position 3 and 5 the last few days. And is holding strong for about 5 months now I believe.

If I SEOd the page I'm pretty sure it would rank #1 within a week.

The implications of this is HUGE if you know how to use it to its potential.

About social media markup and the actual article:
The article outlines some simple markup to help your business take up landscape in search results.

More importantly, check out the structure of the page as in the usage of html elements like header tags and supporting content. It appears similar to a Word document visually and in the code. And also check out how I displayed the links as the full urls. As well as using:
- bullet points or in html, <li>'s
- strategically placed images.
- reference links at the end (with full urls)
- plenty of supporting content for each sub heading or <h2>'s in this case.

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SEO is a marathon not a sprint... 

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This is really coming into play strongly recently. Direct positive impact on page load speed for sites that use CDNs.
This is a significant change that will really speed things up for sites that use CDNs (in particular with Akamai).  I love where this is going!  If your site handles consumers across the U.S. or internationally, I highly recommend looking into a CDN if you want to maximize site speed. 

I'm looking for a tool that can evaluate internal linking structure. Unfortunately Moz, screaming frog, and most other popular tools do not go deep enough. It has to show link depth and be able to crawl very very large sites. And have all the normal setting options like following redirects or canonicals, ignoring robots.txt, exclude options, etc...

If anybody knows a tool like this please share.

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Interesting thoughts on the YourCompanyName-Sucks domain names and the ".sucks" TLD. 
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