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Google+ grows to become 2nd largest social platform globally

Wow, that was quick! Like I had said before it was only a matter of time! It's also interesting to note the decline in Chinese based social media sites...

Google+, who despite being branded a failure or ghost town by large portions of the media, grew in terms of active usage by 27% to 343m users to become the number 2 social platform. Interestingly for Google, YouTube (not previously tracked by us as a social platform) comes in at number 3, demonstrating the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer. This is also a key indication of why Google+ integrated with the Google product set is so key to the future of search and the internet. We’ve got more coming on Google+ later this week as well.

Source: +GlobalWebIndex 

cc: +Sergey Brin +Louis Gray +Natalie Villalobos +Brian Rose +Eric Schmidt +Vic Gundotra 
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I didn't realize youtube was considered a social platform. Very cool.
Frankly, the Google ecosystem, while not the destination to dwell ceaselessly and exclusively on that Facebook wants to be, it's just more useful. I look forward to integrating YouTube channels as Pages and give content creators the kind of control over their communities they've been wanting.
Instagram should be on this list too.
+Shaun McLane I actually think it's the first time they include YouTube in the stats. They might have included it for comparisons sake.
Instagram LoL. Twitter for people to lazy to use words ...LoL. Kidding. 
dont take tension 
you will be #1
Nice report +Joe Martinez 
I remember when youtube was integrated with G+ for a brief moment. Number 2 & 3 places Google in a pretty strong position. Can you tell if the growth rate is accelerating?
Why does China have so many platforms?
G+, YouTube and Twitter. I'm surprised to see twitter so far below. 
Hate to be a naysayer, but I'm not convinced. Google has considered "used or contributed to" Google+ as including checking their gmail.
Pinterest ... What's that? LoL. 
hmmm Isnt Youtube Googles?  If so is Google about to quietly take the lead...or am I reading this graph wrong?
Next step: The crash and burn of Facebook.
G+'s secret weapon is and will continue to be integration.
+Chris Ruhs - totally agree. I recently read an article about Exxon using G+ in place of Facebook and Microsoft to create global collaborative workgroups.

The article noted the seamless G+ integration with video, messaging, and document sharing as a key factor in their decision to utilize Google over similar services offered by MS and the like.

Another interesting growth area has been in education. #GooglePlusInTheClassroom.

IMO Google Plus isn't as much of a social networking platform as much as a Information Enterprise platform for the masses.

Okay, but why there is no official Google+ page for Justin Bieber? Also, why there is a inactive +Walmart Google+ page? And there are more, but I am giving you a couple example. However, there is a Walmart Twitter and Facebook page, and Justin Bieber too, but it inactive or not on Google+, so this must be a misinformation or something? All my friend and co- worker are not on Google+ yet, or inactive. 
+John Prince Even small section of Chinese market is big enough! Each of those platforms has different focus, thus appeals to different groups of people:)
I hope "not everyone" will start using Google+ tbh.
+Niels Hansen He means that the atmosphere here will getting worst if everyone start using Google+.
Google+ seems more about communities and information rather than people's personal life, I'd like if it would stay that way. Also I wouldn't like the idea that Google would be tempted to use more advertising opportunities on + users.
 Im not surprise. How many android devices are there...makes sense for people with android devices to just use this. I dont use anything else but G+ and I usually have an app that forwards all my G+ post to my twitter account so I dont manually post there anymore either. 
Well done and good piece of news. I love the way that social network functions. 
Funny, yesterday, Pierre, 15, made a harsh critic of the FB dynamics. He believes it doesn't help teens to develop a good social attitude... He was comparing it with the community around the game he plays (too much indeed).
I feel the dynamics Pierre was describing looks very much like G+ dynamics 
+John Chavez - I'm not ... There are a lot of people who have lost interest in Twitter. I did ... It was a huge spam can!!! I deleted my account just a few months after I created it. 
Owner - May i use this image for my Blog post?
+John Chavez .................... Next step: The crash and burn of Facebook. Yes.... That's not so far.....
G+ Hangout rapidly became #1 for video meetings! Great stuff - prepared to pay SOME for an "up to 20" model. Way to go!
Regarding the chart: vkontakte isn't strictly Ruskie, quite unlike Chinese networks.
i use gplus, but still do not use it as messenger/video...   reason is - gplus messenger on android is different app then gplus from desktop.....  
+Joe Martinez  is there any plan to merge gplus messenger & gtalk? It useless now ...  
+Amanda Blain

no  you cherry picked and answered to suit yourself only

i repeat for the hard of reading

there is NO way to see ALL who have added you EASILY

NO way to see who has looked at your profile
NO way of sending private messages EASILY

google + ?

plus what over other poor social sites ?

very little and quite minus over simple ways of helping users
as for you , you request for "brands" to take interest  sums you up in my oinion

btw Canadians are allmost as poor at sarcasm as American.s   who fail to achieve even mediocrity , i congratulate on being a little better
Interesting to see how many Chinese platforms (and how big they are) are out there. According to GlobalWebIndex they are all declining though. 
Google groups should also be integrated with the G+ communities over time. First they should have a plan to converge the features of the two, then have a single database, the integrate the two as two interfaces of a common product, one on email and the other in G+. The web client can then become the management console for both Groups and community. I analysed the usage of my school batch and found that the largest usage is still with yahoogrouops, the facebook and then LinkedIn and closely followed by G+
+Niels Hansen Justin Bieber fans are too young for G+. And while they grow up, they will move towards FB and Pinterest
+Nevzat Gunay communities are indeed well publicly presented. The recent "Communities" options is just great. But I think G+ 1st super great feature is its integration with the Android platform (application and photo sharing) and then the ability to privately share thing (I don't know well FB so I think it is more complex to share privately).  
+Sylvain Le Gall Communities have been built with the G+ mobile platform in mind. The only thing you cant do on mobile is the administration part. It is an extremely powerful tool for small groups including alumni. So much noise control and ability to classify and streamline discussions that is not easy or intuitive on email and mailing lists. (You surely can but here it can be done for everyone across the board)
Now facebook is able to start own Search Engine ...hope soon we will see this one also
Thanks +May M ! I assumed 2 or 3 networks would dominate but its cool they have so many. 
let see....whether joker or bane can make any difference for G+?
if they don't tweak visibility and let ppl share their content it will be 1
+Martijn van Beek, they decline in favor of what is still called group chat apps, but really are mobile sns. This is a big trend here, and for once Asia seems to be in advance compared to the U.S. :-)
(Disclaimer: I'm a PM at Renren)
It's really interesting to see how many people who doubt that G+ is now bigger than Twitter. It seems to be same people who find it very hard to comprehend that iOS is way behind Android now. It is tempting to suspect that those people are guilty of thinking that because all their friends are using iOS and Twitter, the rest of the world must be using them as well
+Walid Muhammad A great question. Actually growth has slowed slightly, which is to be expected as many Google account holders switched over. Interestingly if you read the full post +GlobalWebIndex Facebook and Twitter are now growing faster again thanks to mobile usage. Google+ is not growing at the expense of +Facebook+ or Twitter, it is the local platforms / services like Hyves, Mixi and Cyworld that are loosing ground 
+Heinz Seijas Good point and one reason for huge growth in active usage. According to our +GlobalWebIndex data 54% of mobile users who are online now run Android OS, which equates to an estimate of 454m, up from 206m year on year. This is also a reason for G+ global adoption as Android has been so popular in fast growth markets
Interesting +Tom Smith 
So G+ is cannibalizing the smaller SM platform's user base. I wonder if we will see an acceleration in growth in proportion to greater adoption of later versions of the Android OS. (could fragmentation be hurting growth)

I guess my question would be, do you track mobile v desktop users?
Facebook going down.. i hope... Lol, you have to love googles simplicity
+Richard Sprague This is a publisher reported figure and it is unclear what it represents, i.e is it registered accounts, active visits etc Our active user figures are typically lower than publisher figures as we look at people and not accounts or visits. Many people have multiple accounts, also not clear if this is solely Qzone, or covers other properties they own. any more details, send them over +GlobalWebIndex 
+Walid Muhammad we do look at PC, Mobile and Tablet. Yes G+ is eating into local services but its down to the changing nature of social platforms / services and how integrated they have become in OS, search and apps. Its becoming ever easier to be "active". Check out or post on Monday ! +GlobalWebIndex  
+Herb Roy I guess anyone with a gmail account so demographics should be from all gender/class/age, since gmail is n1 mail provider
A bit late to the party, but I asked the very kind people at GlobalWebIndex how they gather their data for these reports.

They gather their data by surveying (ie. while there is great value in their data, it is not an absolute picture of what is happening).

Their surveys also find that 24% of internet users have uploaded a video in the last 30 days. (I took that to be an indicator of the type of people who answer the survey)

More info here:
And yet everyone on the internet says nobody is using G+
is this the only active page on google + most have 2 comments lol 
I would wish this was true. But the numbers from GlobalWebIndex has not been confirmed by any other analytical firms. Not in the past. An probably not now.
Do you think of this quote +Jannik Lindquist? "That is a lot of ghosts. :-)"  Or any other concrete confirmation? Please fill me in, Jannik. 
I agree, +Morten Myrstad . 

I dug up the last official G+ stats I coul find which put it at 235m active users in early December (including external interactions), with more like 135m on the subdomain itself.

I disagree that G+ is a ghost town, but I think these numbers overstate it (1 in 4 of all global internet users being 'active' G+ users?)

Was talking about it here:
Well this went kinda viral didn't it :)

You do realize that all the stats for all the sites are skewed right +dan barker ? That every single autobot that auto pumps rss feeds into twitter accounts .... counts as "active".. that every single person who uses facebook connect to log into any other website besides facebook is also counted as "active"....  and so on...  135m people use G+ the social level itself... which as of dec... compared to twitter (with autobots) was at 200 million....

Although not perfect (really will they ever be?) these stats are indeed on the ball...  and G+ growth in a little over a year of public release... is crazy impressive. 

It should be noted also.. that G+ has a very world wide useage, and 'other regional sites' are going down.... which is the point of this survey. Just because in North America, your college buddies might not be here... in Russia, India, Brazil, etc... more are turning to G+.... :)

Just my two cents and great post +Joe Martinez ....
That is my point exactly +dan barker. Google have gone public with 500 "accounts", 230 million "interacting" with Google+ features and 135 million active on the platform itself during a month. This seems to be in line with numbers from Compete, Hitwise and Comscore, while GlobalWebIndex is way off. There is no need for inflating the Google+ numbers to prove that the platform is steadily, but not virally, gaining traction. And I dont see any comments from +Vic Gundotra giving us reason to believe in any spiralling growth story right now.
+Amanda Blain Thanks! And just to point out to +Morten Myrstad... +Vic Gundotra did reshare this. I would guess he wouldn't reshare this if there was no validity to the stats.

I'm sure they will eventually speak about updated official stats when they are ready to do so. But you have to agree, this growth is immensely fast for a social media site/social layer that is less than 2 years old.
+Joe Martinez have you looked at the methodology? The same survey also says that 1 in 4 of all global web users uploaded a video in the last 30 days & that 17% sold a product.
+GlobalWebIndex will post more on this on Monday. Their CEO, Tom Smith (who I can't +-mention for some reason) has been quite active in the various discussion of this on G+ today
+Joe Martinez I  highly respect +Vic Gundotra. But I have no belief whatsoever that this quote should be seen as a "confirmation" of the GlobalWebIndex numbers AND/OR methodology: "That is a lot of ghosts :-)  Enjoy the weekend my transparent friends."
Vic is focused on the project and the direction. As we all should be. But if we use the numbers from GlobalWebIndex as our witnesses, we will be moving into the "fight for truth" with really bad weapons.
This is the future of optimization (social media)
Google is always number 1 to me.
Can anyone tell me what it means "only"? Is it not possible for people from other countries to join those sites, or is it about some number counting matter?
+sinisa majetic the chart is created from a survey, I suspect it means only people from those countries were displayed those options. Could be wrong.
Alternative headline: Survey's sample size clearly not big enough.
Mat B
Has to be a joke. Or a skewed stat. Or something. I know literally zero people on here. I would count as a "user" because I'm making this comment, but after I click post I'm not coming back, likely for a while.
I think some miss a point . That no matter how screwed up this data is . Google+ has grown as fast or faster than almost any other site . Even without pulling skewed data from google adding a bunch of unrelated groups to the stats . Thy may fall somewhere below number 2 . Others on this list might be in the wrong place  . But clearly G+ is a major social player nearing the top . It could flounder they all seem to  eventually . But to sell G+ short would be short sided .Look how young G+ is ! And we are already comparing it to the largest site that took years to get there ! Most of those bashing G+ are Facebook or Twitter regulars who have little clue about G+ . And that says loads about their perspective , view .
The stats are indeed skewed, but in Facebook's favour - certainly not G+'s. If they counted everyone who merely logs in to a Google property then it would be much higher. This is counting only those who are active on at least a monthly basis and using the social component of Google+.

Gmail / Maps / Search etc alone is not counted, even if logged in.

Facebook on the other hand counts absolutely everyone who logs in to any aspect of Facebook, whether on the main site or not. Even people clicking the 'like' button on various external websites. Facebook's numbers are grossly overinflated IMO.
Their sample is too small and the data is noisy.
Hello everyone,
thanks for the interesting discussion and for showing so much interest around our data.
+Brett Petersen   answered a few comments on our blog last night, following the release of a new post regarding our Google plus figures.

Follow up post: 

Further clarifications have been given also by our CEO +Tom Smith    on his g+ profile:

If you want to know more about our works, check out our SlideShare Channel:

Again, thanks for all of the questions and comments! Keep them coming!
I use Qzone( like facebook or google+),sina weibo(like twitter),youku and tudou (like youtube). and I also use google+,facebook,twitter.
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