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Will You Soon Need Cable to Watch Hulu?

Wow, if +Hulu Plus does this they will definitely lose a boatload of subscribers including me. When will Hulu and cable companies like Comcast figure out that this subscribe to every channel in existence and pay an arm & a leg model simply won't work? Networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, and HBO need to figure out that the future is in having people subscribe directly to their family of channels directly. Giving us the choice of what we want to watch. I got rid of Comcast Cable for a reason and I won't go back. I knew it was bad news as soon as Comcast merged with NBC Universal... I'm surprised they haven't got rid of Hulu already...

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If content providers keep hamstringing licensing for streaming content and/or force people to subscribe to cable companies, consumers are just going to stop watching conventional TV and piracy will increase.
Dish, is doing the same. I have gone to Google TV and local chanels with a HDTV antenna. No more cable or satalite for me.
I can't even describe how angry I would be if this happened. I recently got rid of my cable TV service because I no longer wanted to pay $80 a month just so I could watch a small handful of shows on four or five different networks. These companies need to pay attention to what their customers want. The delivery method of our entertainment is changing. They can either embrace that change and continue to have our support, or they can ignore it and encourage piracy.
I have Hulu Plus and Netflix. They keep this up, I'm definitely going St. Elsewhere. This is ridiculous. It's bad enough that I'm watching commercials while paying for content. Still don't understand how Netflix may have the same show, but without commercials.
My wife and I cut the cord some time ago, relying on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant, and now Google Play Movies. Lately, Hulu Plus has been so frustrating, especially on the Roku and with their crippling of HDMI output from Android devices, we're wondering why we're paying them $8 a month, and are seriously considering going back to cable. These companies have made it frustrating enough to not be worth a subscription.
Don't get me started on the Hulu Plus commercials. That's a joke!
I dont really use Hulu that much so its not a big deal. There is some shady this going on with tv, movie networks and the internet lately and something is got to be done about it for sure.
Which reminds me: I need to find an high-speed ISP that isn't a television provider, too.
I've cut the cord like many others. Cable providers need to understand that we don't want a package with 300+ channels and "nothing good on to watch." We want to pay for what we desire; give us the choice to watch the content we want. DUH. Even though Netflix made a few dummy moves, I still kept them and enjoy their content-even without Starz. My Roku can pick up some great content, and with just basic cable/Hulu/Netflix I pretty much watch what I want. If not, I'll buy a season of what I want on Amazon on Demand. No biggie, because I can still watch that on my laptop/Roku.

I like choices.
The choices are fine, but Netflix's price increase greatly affected our viewing of content, specifically BD movies. We used to get 2 discs, something for me, and something for my wife. My wife doesn't watch a lot of TV during the week, so that gave me an opportunity to watch my movie and keep a steady stream of discs. Now we have to wait until we watch whatever disc we have, sometimes waiting 2-3 weeks before we get the chance to.

Hulu Plus was fine, too, but as I said, the app on Roku has been extremely buggy. We tried to hook up our iPad or our Android tablet to output to the TV, and Hulu disables that functionality in their app. Apparently, they think there's a difference between watching something on a laptop in a web browser, on a tablet, and on a Roku. Morons.
I think that the cable company want to go back to the way things used to be. But people will not pay for industrial tv that you have to pay for things you don't watch. With the invention of Netflix, Hulu, Epix, vudu, and who knows how many more in the near future, cable companies need to adapt to the future. Or just die and get out of the way, I really don't care. Lets move into the future.
If you make it easy to pay for the content you want people will pay but as soon as you make it inconvenient or prohibitively expensive people will find other ways to get their content and the content providers won't see a cent.
Even making it À la carte, would make it acceptable. I don't want to pay for "basic cable". I want to pay for what i want. If I could get showtime and a handful of others then I would. But Sho is shackled to the cable companies. HBO has a stand alone app HBOGo, I think that is what will start happening.
Doesn't HBO go require a normal HBO subscription?
Ahhh, that dashes my dreams. Damn, now I have to go back to dreaming. Wake me when the revolution arrives.
No, because if they really do this... they'll go out of business.
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