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Miami +Google+ HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) on April 20th-21st!!

Come join in on all the crazy Miami fun! Here is a list of all the info from +Daniel Enloe so far! More info to come soon! I'll also be creating a Miami HIRL Circle with everyone who is coming so please let me know in the comments below if you are planning on attending and I'll make sure to add you to the circle!


Dates: April 20-21 gonna keep this one short and sweet

Itinerary: Can be found here >>

But here is a brief summary....

Friday afternoon we will be experiencing Miami's Food Trucks, then off to Tobacco Road for a 20 band concertfest... Tobacco Road is giving us free passes to get in so if you arrive after happy hour please see me, +Joe Martinez, for the tickets..

Saturday Morning we will be headed to Oleta River State Park for some Kyaking, Biking and Hiking... whichever you prefer

Then Saturday Evening (5pm) we will be headed to South Beach for the Photowalk..
Bring any camera that you have....and bring a friend we.... would like a head count so please chime in at some point so we can prepare for the after party..>>>

Then food and drinks over at Balans off of Lincoln Rd... Balans has something up their sleeve for our group and there is no dress code ...

We will have a some special guests join us on the Photowalk! The group name is #IgersMiami and they are Instagram shooter from Miami !!!

Please see +Hangout IRL page for updates in the next two weeks, especially for Friday Morning... we may need to fill in that spot..

A special thanks +Daniel Enloe +Ines Hegedus-Garcia +Trish Forant +Ant J +Emily SiXx +J Sal and of course The HIRL so Hard guy...+Superdave Houdini for Bringing us all together...

So, if you are in Miami or the Surrounding areas.. please join us we will love to have you ....
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Awesome +Robert McGee that's great news! Hope to see you there! We already got a nice healthy size group attending!
Where is it being held? do you think it would benefit me as a Ft lauderdale biz? Happy Easter!!
Definitely +Jamie Sherman!! This is for anyone in the South Florida area! So if you want to meet new people, grow your following, and at the same time have a great time then I would say to come join us! :)
Pretty cool set of events. I'll try to make it. Especially for the photo walk.
Jamie... bring your business cards to Tobacco Road on april 20th. alot of ppl to network with, guarantee'd.
or you can set up a vendors booth for only $25. contact me for more info.
Ill try to make it to Oleta park.
This sounds awesome. I will try to make it for the food trucks, but will definitely be there for the photo walk and the rest of Saturday evenings event.

Do we need to rsvp somewhere?
Very cool! I am hoping to make Friday's events, but definitely count me in for the photowalk!
My son has surgery that day so can't do the 3 hour drive down :(
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