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"Photographer at the f-18 crash"

Lol!!! Leave it to Reddit to find awesome stuff like this!

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Ha ha, I think she will probably be using the popular "Nashville" or maybe "Toaster"

Needed a wide angle? Looks like all he's got on his bodies is long ass teles...
lol.. expensive cameras should have wifi or 3g
With a phone these images can be on Google+ instantly!!
And straight on the editors desk too... I agree it would be great to see wireless or 3G options on DSLR's I assume they dont do this already??
I think only samsung or sony have wifi cameras..
It's too slow to remove the long lens from camera and put in a short (12-40mm) lens. Much faster to whip out a pocket camera or a phone.
I think that is a light meter.
It is the way of some people. Fancy forgetting about all the camera equipment. I bet later one she face/palmed. ...Was she using the video camera on her phone?
He's actually texting

"Dave, I m at an amzng pln crsh bt all cmr bttries r flt. pleas hrry and brng frsh bttrys"
may be she just want to put on the internet such as news on time
really unbelievable
Sure who's capture the picture using his mobile also :)
Well, perhaps his big camera isn't capable of sending a quick overview shot to the agency?
That's what happens when cameras don't have Instant Upload.
I use both my iPhone and my 5D Mk II on shoots all the time. One is great for immediate communication, the other for wall portraits. Different animals, different uses, all perfectly legit. Ok, when portrayed like it is in this picture, it does look pretty stupid....
I use my iPhone to take photos all the time when I have my DSLR. Sometimes I want to post something right away to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever. A lot of times I'll take the same photo with both my phone and my DSLR. One gets posted right away and the other is a better quality shot for saving.

+Bryan Peretto Having a WIFI SD card send a 20+MB RAW file to my phone isn't really solving any problems. I'm not going to shoot RAW+JPEG to "solve" something that I don't find to be a problem.
Oh come on people! It's for her own private collection of accidents :D
until they integrate SIM slots into phones, this will remain the only way to quickly share photos.
Honestly, if you think that this is in any way weird, I think you need to re-examine how seriously you take life.

Photography, for most people, is about capturing some moment. And that phone is capturing the moment just fine and actually sharing it with the rest of the world while it's happening. $13,000 worth of camera gear can't share like that.
Ive done this. My DSLR doesnt post directly to Facebook, my iPhone does!
tells you right there apple is taking over the world lol:))
Sorry but that is funny...I get the whole "my camera doesn't post right away" comment...but at face's pretty funny.
+Andy Gapin Software handles that 20mb raw file. My friend does that currently. But, hey, if your phone has a 400mm lens, then I guess you don't really have to worry about getting the right shot, huh?
First article to the news agency gets printed or online, second place is the first loser. Follow ups can be better.
come on aley bear...use your big boy vocabulary...
+Bryan Peretto I didn't say software doesn't handle it, but you're proposing what? He takes a photo, waits for it to transfer via WIFI to his phone, opens the photo on his phone, opens up an app to do some minor post-processing (contrast, sharpening, etc. The things the camera does for you when you shoot JPEG), wait a couple seconds for the phone to chug through and save the file, then open up an app to share the photo with the world. That's a lot of steps.

No one is arguing that the a phone takes better pictures, but some things are worth sharing quickly. Then the better photos from the DSLR can be shared later after they've been culled through and processed.

PS: Yes, I know you could skip a couple steps by shooting RAW+JPEG
time doesn't wait
okay the thing that i dont get is why????
So, Nikon Canon et al, why the hell not put a 4G modem in your pro cameras with some kind of instant upload capability as found in those neato little wifi sd cards? C'mon for a ten thousand dollar BODY I'd expect the thing to be able to talk to the Mars rover if it wanted to.
she had to freshly share the event to her friends :D
Mind blown. Both of those cameras on either side can do video.
Kind of hard to understand you...
whats even going on in this??
Lol that probably be me:p
I'm thinking he is a she and if you want to upload quick to social network, a shot or so with smart phone makes sense. I guess everyone gets that but is just enjoying some schadenfreude.
Oops, comments loaded slowly, i should have waited before my 2 cents.
As expensive as the cameras are, they can't sent instant messages, tweets or add to Google +. The smart phone can most certainly do all these things and more ! :)
Different tool has different uses.
Maybe she's already taken 1000 photos with the big cameras and takes some mobile phone pics for herself? 
SOOO Harvard Square ! XD
This photographer is an embarrassment to photographers everywhere.
haha..that's great... maybe he forgot he was carrying cameras...
He was probably already on the phone since nobody seems able to shut up around the things. Or maybe he was just aware of the old saying, "A cameraphone in the hand is worth two (cameras) on the shoulder."
He Probably wanted to email the pic right away too much work with regular Camera.
the phone is more handy
people that chase ufo's do the same, they also shake their hands on purpose and make sure they get really stupid shots. If the aliens really want us to see them, they should interupt a sporting game and kick the referee in the nuts.
She's probably lost without the kitchen. ;)
phones fit in your pocket
This should go on fail blog. Put a red circle around that guy's 13, 000 dollar camera equipment and put fail in big letters above his head.
that's dumb, why would you spend that kind of money on camera equipment and use the camera on your phone? Somebody give that man some camera lessons.
Probably wants to text a photo to a friend or editor. Regardless, still funny. 
you almost have to wonder who took the picture of this guy and if after this picture was taken if the man with the cameras was hit with some sense... (unless he was like sending a pic to a friend.)
$13,000 worth of camera gear PHONE INCLUDED LOL.
My money is with Amjad... quick & simple
Paul N
@Passionata Dance: The reason why aliens wont interract with masses (especially at sporting events) is probably considered as being a waist of time to them. What sort of mental insight would you obtain from the observing croud of football or soccer fans? Perhaps if you added up the sum of all their IQ.
I sold my dslr. I only use my iPhone for my family shots as well as other photos. It is a pain to drag it all out just to click some snappies of the kids. I shot some photos outside of my babies in the sun with the slr but the memory card was full so i pulled out my iPhone and snapped some. Honestly, there wasn't enough difference between the pictures to justify the $$$. In bright lighting the frame rate on the iPhone is high enough to catch almost all action and stop it in frame without motion blur. Point and shoots are on their way out as a mainstream photo solution, leaving their use to the professionals. 
that is one of the funniest things i have ever sees... lol
If the thing he's taking the photo is too close to him... he wouldnt be able to take the picture with those cameras, since those cameras are wiht very zoomed lens to take the picture in short or mid distances
Updating social media status with a photo and location of jet crash with phone...takes stupendous shot with his real camera photo then belongs to the news media that employs him...
Thanks for posting this, now I can go ahead and block you so that I never have to have your regurgitated reddit posts pop up as "hot". friend who is a professional photographer now use his phone more than his SLR. With professional results too. With technology, and it's avaibility to anyone...then the human behind the tool is most important factor.

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Could just be taken out of context.... I have at many times while carrying my SLR, pulled out my BlackBerry to snap a quick pic to send to a few friends.

It's a funny picture, but I don't think that the photographer showed up at the scene and didn't bother to use any of the gear on her shoulders.
Definitely a "shake my damn head" kinda moment.
may be for quick photography in an emergency
If she were more tech savvy then she would just tether the phone to the camera so she could upload pictures directly to her facebook account. She's probably just sending a text with pic to her boy friend..."this plane crash is more fucked up than your ex's boob job"
wow never though someone would be so stupid
haha! Thats not very smart!!!
Shes not even a blonde.... lol
send a pic on your camera , do you (mind of Minolta?)
Wow 201 comments +Joe Martinez
I was one of the early commenters approx number 4... Now reading through the comments there seems to be a bit of confusion over this photographers gender... I am sticking with my original thought that it is a lady right???
I think she is maybe texting or something...
My son does the same thing. He prefers his phone camera over the real camera.
Wow...I'd use the real one like in a hurry unless i was sending it to a friend o something
He needed to send the photo to the medias in that moment, thats all. You can't do that even with a million dollar camera.
yes you can. Bluetooth capable cameras could have sent it to his phone and then on to the media
Used the more suitable for uploang immediately
You can't instant upload a picture from (most) cameras. Besides, smartphone cameras are good enough for most applications that are not professional photography or cameraman (video)
Better Instagram that picture before Facebook ruins the app now!! :p
Unless a Nikon can upload directly to a news room, this isn't as stupid as it looks. Get the scoop now. post the fancy pictures later. 
Better for Canon and Nikon to add the wifi or sim slot to the grip, rather than inside the actual camera. I dont want my camera giving me the error 99 of doom cause they crammed something inside as an afterthought.
Rami S
hehe those expensive cameras should start adding Bluetooth upload to phones
hahahaha considering that it is an iphone, it is a very good advert for apple.
well i guess commen cence tell him that if u break the camra wify will put up a bf
Maybe his pro cameras did not have video function?
i dont think any amount of "instant upload" remarks can make up for the fact that it just looks hilarious
How is she stupid? Maybe she wanted to send a pic to someone right then, or she just didnt want to mess around with that heavy crap at the moment.
Cameras need better data upload features. I think a cellular pro camera is just what many photographers wish for. Snap a shot, upload to editor/blog/etc.
run out of battery! Have to use the phone.
thats funny hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :}
he needs to update his facebook status for his credentials haha
It's hardly like the wreckage is there for a few seconds so I ddint know know why she did that but by the looks of things she is recording/picturing(?) herself as the phone is pointing towards her (as far as I can see)
Many r called but few r chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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