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This is my most complete Brand Page shared circle so far! Feel free to add and share it! I'm still adding more as time goes by so feel free to suggest some more brand pages! Some brands included in this circle share are: +Team Coco, +The Next Web, +BURGER KING, +MythBusters, +NASA, +Spotify, +The Huffington Post, +Laughing Squid, +The Big Bang Theory, +LockerGnome, +Tekzilla, +Pepsi, +iPhone Life magazine, +Machinima, +Entertainment Weekly, +FUNimation Entertainment, +Handmade, +Travel Channel, and more!

Other brand pages: +Hangout Conversations, +My Hangouts, +Hangout Canopy, +Cool Story, Bro!, +TwiloPR, +Idealist, +Simply Bags, +Fem Bartend, +HIRL, +Caturday, +Miami Street Customs, +CREATIVE, +JeepersMedia Fail Toys, +Fort Lauderdale Online Magazine, +The Social Skillet, +Loaded Pants, +What's Trending, +Doodlers Anonymous, +B. Woods Design, +The Burger Beast, +Persian Kitty Kat Photography & Wedding Planning, +Eileen Young and much much more! Add them up and check out which pages engage more!

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Thank you! It's a great circle, I'm behind, but putting some together for sharing soon.
+John Fanavans Doh!! Although I do have him in my Best of the Best on Google+ but I added +God to brand pages now too lol
hmmm...thought it was linked to the Google Places account when I set up the page. Will include the address. Thanks.
Seems like a lot of businesses leave this out! Would love to see maps available on Pages too! Thanks again for all your efforts!
You are going to post this "most complete" circle again, when it's a bit more complete, right? ;-)
+C Bret Campbell Definitely! If I have a lot of new Brand Pages added then I may just share the improved circle tomorrow night or Tuesday! I usually share a certain circle every 2 weeks but I might make an exception in this case!
I approov dis messej
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