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"Innovative Transparent Bubble Tents"

Wow, I would love to try one of these Bubble Tents (created by French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas) whenever I go camping! Imagine sleeping in complete darkness, avoiding all the pesky critters from outside, but still being able to stare at the night sky without any worries?

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Is it inflatable or are the lines on the sides holding it up?
Like a parked car on a hot summer's day. 50C inside this. You could cook bread in there. I suppose one would have to be cautious on where you installed this...not in full sun. I like the concept.
that would wake you up at sunrise. I feel a bear would just rip it open, visibly seeing food inside.
sooo privacy is out the window? lol or plastic so to speak
Very cool! It would be great for the backyard. Though, all I can think of is Sandy Cheek's house from SpongeBob Squarepants...
Effing Awesome. Beautiful design and so functional!
Instant Want!!.. Desires are bad right? LOL
wheres the curtains? i need the toilet...
thats cool .... i want one .... i wonder if its on amazon lol
Sandy cheeks' house was the original bubble house. This is just a rip-off
And then when the sun comes up, you're well-done in about 20 minutes, no basting required.
It's so cute XD
I want one just for the sake of it
Google needs one of these at the Googleplex.
Is it ventilated? If not, you are gon' get well +Kevin Penrose said. I like my natural tan just fine
That would be cool when there is a clear sky to see the stars, but when the sun comes up you will get pretty warm.
woo-pie time with the wife may be out of the question, but the kids couldn't get away with anything.
And have people stare in at you...... uuuhhh no thanks... :P
is there oxygen in there?
I began to think about how creepy it would be if you were lying there and saw someone just standing outside watching you. Then I realised it was probably worse in a normal tent, where you don't know if there's someone right outside, listening to you.
imagine making love in that one without the fear that a mosquito will bite you in the back side ... ;-) ...

these seem to be quite the glamping enthusiasts ... look at the furniture they carry out into the wild ... :D ...
mmm. Air Conditioning, heat? A cover for times when privacy is needed?
I'd so love this for camping! 
This is very creative, i like the idea of how the creator went for a bubble as though the person inside the tent, when he/she was in the bed/looking up they would just float their dreams...
Joe Lay
bit awkward when you wake up to blaring sunlight, but still damn awesome
Those are INSANE!! but awesome at the same time.
Awesome concept. But I'd prefer a little privacy. At least just do the roof see through.
lol isn't this a replica of Sandy's house from spongebob? really cute concept either way :)
Thought that said "Bible" tents. Really had me thinking there.
would be a worth sleep staring at the stars at night. cool tent :)
Better put it in the shade! And what if ahem you're not camping alone? LOL!
thats retarded ppl can see you live weird
Wish i could live in a place like tht but to relviling and no privacy
as long as there is some way to create some privacy I would be totally down
Imagine a bear being able to SEE his meal instead of wondering whether or not to poke his nose inside a normal tent? What a time saver! :)
Who wouldn't want to live in a bubble!!
Woah!!! I want this so i can BE in peace haha 
nice to many position i can invented there
Wow Craig that's just wrong on so many levels LOL! Maybe we could set it up somewhere that we do not risk being on the top of the food chain like maybe not Alaska or Yosemite. ;-)
Patti+ - your right! Also I saw this in a mag
+Wendy Bennett Heck, I'm in Massachusetts, just west of Boston, and even we'd see some big stuff here. Maybe not a big ol' bear, but deer/moose... I wonder if they'd get through the plastic or just bounce us around in it like a BubbleBoy. :)
I would LOVE that!!! That is 1st class camping :-)
what fun is camping out without the adventures of critters and having some privacy with your lover, defeats the purpose of camping. to be one with nature.
it looks permantent because of the furniture i think
Wish i could live in that bedroom 4 one ni8!!! :)
Or see that bear prowling around the tent at night looking for food.. =;-O
Fantastic!! Not much privacy... but I'd rather have the transparent one than the opaque model. Awesome awesome.
Dalia M
What is it made of?
nll daa
It looks like a giant hamster ball
if you did that, you wouldn't have that much privacy if you were traveling with other people. How would you change clothes without someone seeing you?
what if you changing wont everyone see you
my problem is where i will change my cloths
it reminds me of Sandy's tree dome :P
It would be kinda kool if it was a little bigger with a spot to put a couch and some chairs and a spot to hang sum curtains.......that would be like a little boom boom room
That would be cool, but you can't have any naughty moments cause then everybody would be watching. I guess that would be ok if you are exhibitionist but not if you have kids.
No privacy, and like an oven in the daytime. Not attractive.
it would be cool to watch the night sky and camp in that.
Leon U
It looks cool you can live there for ever
Wendy W
Perfect oven for cooking a 500 pound naked man in till golden and delicious.
Other than the whole "gotta breath" issue- This is awesome... I wonder how affordable it is to live as a hamster?
see but people can see you change
I agree Arnaldo. Looks like a greenhouse to me. My tomatoes and peppers would do really well in there.
Always someone has to have a negative point compared to all of the positive aspects. I'm sure that there would be someone to create a way to have privacy as needed.
Wouldn't you run out of air if you stayed in too long?
Let a mosquito try and bite through that! 
Hope this is made of glass. I can just smell the BPA, YUCK!
Love it for Spring & Autumn here in UK.
There'll be no hankie pankie in that ;)
Tweaking needed but yes, the inventor is on the right track.
Good idea in theory. Main concern is how portable would this really be? 
I would hate getting dressed in the morrning I would be so self concious
how do u breathe in that thing?
Very cool, but I wonder how shy people would like to camp in one of these.
where can i get one of those looks like it could be fun
OMG I SO WANT ONE! I hate bugs >.< that would be AMAZING!
I bet it'a hot in there when the sun comes out
Drew S
privacy option?
You would also melt and suffocate.
I want one too!!! I may just live in one because I may have to move soon.Just me the dog and sleeping wherever we can.
how much do those cost?
wow dats a nice sex cabbing lol
all i need is one of these and a giant hamster
I'd love to sit in there, how cool. So many people have such amazing idea's. The only problem with cool things like that is they cost more than a year or two's wages. lol
brilliant i will get myself a chemical suit.and turn it into a decontamination chamber excellent : )
An interesting place to be when it rains!
I think it would get quite hot during the day. But very nice for looking at the stars at night.
Maybe if the bottom half was fogged / frosted to provide some privacy...
that would be awesome( well i hate bugs so...)
So cool. Hopefully can fend off wild animals though
Feel like a fish/hamster/lizard for only $50000000!!
Wow would b like sleeping in a beachball. Is it tsunami proof
Wouldn't that invite predators? If you have bears or wolves in the woods, they'll be confused, then try to get to the meal.
I don't think the predators would only be animals...
just imagine if the bedroom is located in the Sahara desert.
It'd be awesome if you could stare outside but no one could see what's inside the bubble. Just sayin' xd
This seems like a great idea, but there's a lack of privacy. Maybe if there was a way to be able to cover it whenever you needed to. (In case you need to change clothes or something.)
That is nice if you are in your back yard with a fence around it or camp in the woods with people far away from your campsite. Sorry to say we live in a society where people have a tendency to help themself to other people stuff when no ones around. Wish we didn't have to think like that but what's real is real. It would be great to see the star before falling asleep.
I think the hamsters are gonna be pissed.
wow cool i want one where do u get them?
wouldnt it be quite chilly though?
Its great idea ... but where should fresh air come from?
That is cool can i have that??????
Beautifully designed! But couldn't make full use of them unless we camped somewhere truly private.... if you know what I mean.
thats sooooo cool!!!
cool i wish i had one! finally some privacy my life long dream!
and suffocate to death whilst looking at the stars, easy to transport too ;)
are you like serious!! I have to share this!!
Looks cool in the picture but it would be terrible to use it. 
ok, i have to get that!!!
This is really and I love it. But ouch! how to get dress?
That looks very serene and inviting. what's the address
how much do they cost to rent?
it look cool but be seen when i sleep will be little too scary :((
Where can I find thee? Cause that looks pretty awesome :)
Sum1s afraid of being outside but they need the sunlight ;)
Talk about living in a fishbowl...
wow i want this in my huge backyard next to my private lake. one day hahaha
ngaww jealous , i want that now
Just sayin, but how the hell do I bang my wife in this if everyone can see in?
Wow! definitely i want one! lolz ... <3 Loveeee iiittttt Nice
I would absolutely love to try sleeping in one of these. This looks awesome
yeah, it's like going in a bordel and masturbate in front of a hooker.
Unless when you are camping in the middle of a tropical jungle... where every shadow plays tricks on your mind... and a nearby stream sounds like laughing children in the middle of the night...
maddy o
thats an interesting idea... a clear tent! COOL
Am I the only one concerned about breathing in what appears to be a big balloon?
that is totally awesome i NEED one thats amazing
Hmm....wonder how long it took to set up. Like the concept.
Its a great idea but if your carrying that much stuff with you through the forest then you better be putting up a log cabin not a tent. Hell the tent even comes with a fence to keep out peepers and a place mate to make leave ground... I want one now!!!
Add us in ur circle .. and enjoy our posts about #Architecture, #Design :)
Just don't ask me to clean it afterwards....
Wow ..So many thinking..."why did i not think of that"
I would like one. I live in One of the coldest yet sunniest cities in Canada... We have sunlight for more than 18 hours in peak summer.
Would love to have one in my back garden and paint.
thats so cool, perfect for camping in australia where there are dingos :(
not only bears, if you want to camping so you must bring all your furniture with you too ?? wow... so "convenient" lol..
dats wat im talkin bout iwould like one
Wouldn't mind sleeping in this whenever i get send to the doghouse.
Looks hot in the sun, but the best night tent ever!!!
I could stay in there for maybe an hour during the day
really cool i am the opposite of chlostrophobic
Finally, the tent that actually prevents you from being eaten alive.
wheres the oxygen?
Great in a meteor shower!
JoPa Mi
I like an audience when I'm doing my thing. This is perfect, if the campers next door don't like it they can move.
Numan K
need to get myself one of those
Any two bedroom bubble apartments?
I love this too! Pretty sure that sleeping in the buff is not a good option unless you can get dressed under your covers!
I want one
You can be in the elements, without being out in the elements.
I want a black one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looks awesome, but if i fell asleep in it where i live, I'd wake up in my bed with the whole bubble missin'
still kinda creepy, I love the concept, but what if... never mind, I think it'd be worth it. The stars at night when camping, totally worth it.
You change one item at a time. :)
we all want a black one...
It looks very interesting indeed. How rugged is it though, and is it thermally minded, in case temperature changes dramatically (e.g. in the desert)?
If someone put anthrax powder in the turbine thing, everyone in the bubble would die.
that is awesome but i ewould suficate in it
that look stupid and it look like people with heart problems will not be able to beath in there once they step in and close the door
Well... It'll make changing "interesting", to say the least...
Sarah W
are these available to purchase?
Takes all the guesswork out for bears and mountain lions.
Um looks nothing like our camp experience. Great backyard fun for kids.
Nice room . Can i join and try it
Les Ma
Question is what is the bubble made off? no point getting somethig that might burst by accident... and how do you clean it? what about fresh air? I DONT WHAT TO BE BREATHING IN CO2 for hours! not cool.
I found the distributor on the french website
I want one of these...where did u find this plz?? :)
Its made by a bloke by the name of a french designer Pierre-Stepane Dumas check him on google.Hope you score one it sounds deadly to camp in one of those.
Come on people... it is not a camping tent...this is a secluded backyard bedroom to spend the night gazing at the stars without the bugs or the weather getting in the way.  Anything cool like this is almost certainly going to be way more expensive than it has to be..
+Martha Lagunas Outside body can be like a mirror so you can see outside but no body can see what is going on inside
This is great! I'd love to have one!
How long can you breath in there? I can see this with a table and place to eat outside with no bugs. Dining room setup. 
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