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Best of the Best on Google+ -- August 2012 Version!

Ok, here we go!! These are some of the best (in my opinion) people and pages on Google+! They are all definitely worth adding to your circles (Especially if you are new)! They engage and post amazing and fun content! Feel free to add or share this circle as well! Some of the +Awesomesauce in this circle: +Gary Whitta, +Daria Musk, +Chris Pirillo, +Idrialis Castillo, +Krystyn Chong+Alida Brandenburg, +Joseph Lee, +Christopher Lira, +Lynette Young, +Bobbi Jo Woods, +George Rodenbaugh, +Jeff Smith, +Felicia Day, +Dolidh Young, +Philip Plait, +michael interbartolo, +Lisa Bettany, +Peter G McDermott, +Brian McDonald, +Tiffany Henry, +matthew rappaport, +Eleanor Hoh, +Natascha Otero, +Carmelyne Thompson, +Sze Liu, +Natalie Villalobos, +Carter Gibson, +Tim Clary, +Trev Warth, +Raleigh Burke, +Stacy Frazer, +Bobbie Today, +Eric Martindale, +Dharamjit Rihal, +Derek Ross, +Derya Unutmaz, +Dano Hart, +Liz ℚuilty, +Bronwyn McGuckin, +Stacie Moore, +Jaana Nyström, +Ryan Van Sickle, +HEATHER FAY, +Bruce Garber, +Trey Ratcliff, +Robert Scoble, +Mike Shaw, +Vivienne Gucwa, +Ronnie Boadi, +anthony feliciano, +Jessica Gottlieb, +Mike Stenger, +Kim Beasley, +Hanae Kimura, +Bette Ann Schlossberg, +Lisa Gluckstern, +Linda Lawrey, +Keith Barrett, +Joltrast ., +Muse TD, +Emily SiXx, +Emily Rimada, +Joby Remigio, +Fraser Cain, +Hugo Seijas, +Moritz Tolxdorff, +M Monica, +Cynthia Yildirim, +James Williams, +Gina Trapani, +Robert Headley, +Kacey Coughlin, +Alex Wall, +Brian Rose, +Mike Searle, +DeAno Jackson and many many many more!! I hope this circle helps you all meet some wonderful and very interactive new people!

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+Joe Martinez - I just got home from meeting everyone and hanging out post show(s). Was fun :). You need to come to the next one!!! :)
Definitely! I think we should have one around the same time we did the first one, like February-ish (Since I love the cold weather hehe!). :p
I can confirm that this is a most awesome circle :D

I really wish i could HIRL with you guys :/
Thanks for the include! *Does the included dance* :D
DJ Spin
Many thanks Joe ... Have a great weekend!!
Very grateful to be considered awesome by you +Joe Martinez you are the best.....thanks so much.  Plus the people that are in here....I'm psyched to be in such great company!
Wow. Thank you for including me in such awesome company! Nice way to start the day :-)
Thanks!! Among so many amazing people! ;)
I'm a little butthurt I'm not included.  
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