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Thank you very much for the mention!
Also, my mouse is so effed up, I cant get my full sarcastic comments in at all. I get too frustrated. Lol .
Thanks! I am honored to be on this list!
I actually just finished fixing up this circle so you all will definitely see some fresh faces the next time I share this circle and I removed some that were inactive...
Thanks for the shout out Joe. - I'm not too active at the moment, busy working night and day on a startup, but appreciate the inclusion.
Thanks Joe!  Did you go to the TEDTalk event already?  If not, please notify me when you post about it.  
+Shells Bells I was actually unable to attend TEDxMIA because something came up but I did attend Social Media Day Miami. And I posted pics on that yesterday...
I was just checking them out - looks like a good time - cool!
+Joe Martinez Thanks so much for including me in this circle, Joe! I'm looking forward to livening up my stream. :)

And Happy Monday!
Hey +Joe Martinez.. Just found out that I was in that circle.. Thanks it is really a honor to be in that circle..
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