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Best of the Best Google+ People to Follow - Version 9!

This is definitely a circle you would want to add if you are new to +Google+ or are looking to add more interesting and engaging people to your stream! Feel free to add or share this circle! My circle has been maxed out so I have removed all brand pages from it and created a separate circle for them! I'm still about 30 over the limit of the circle so I might have about 30 people who won't show in the shared circle. Some of the heavy hitters included are: +Casey McKinnon, +Felicia Day, +Rose McGowan, +Louis Gray, +Alida Brandenburg, +Linda Lawrey, +Lamarr Wilson, +Tom Anderson, +Scott Beale, +Kim Sherrell, +Lisa Bettany, +Chee Chew, +Wil Wheaton, +Justine Ezarik, +Sarah Hill, +Dalai Lama, +Ashley Tisdale, +Natalie Villalobos, +Liza Sperling and many many more!

Plus other Google+ favorites like: +Daria Musk, +RAM Rich, +Tiffany Henry , +matthew rappaport, +Bobbi Jo Woods, +Paul Roustan, +Joseph Lee, +Idrialis Castillo, +Michael Mozart, +Michelle Marie, +Amanda Blain, +Peter G McDermott, +Dan Soto, +pio dal cin, +Stacy Frazer, +Brian McDonald, +Carter Gibson, +Emily SiXx, +Tanya Muse, +Renata Sherwin, +Stephanie Van Pelt, +Cliff Roth, +P E Sharpe, +Cam Meadows, +Yass Rebel, +J Sal, +WT Gator, +Euro Maestro, +Robert McGee, +Robert Headley, +Michael Marotta, +Mohamed Mansour, +Jessica Gottlieb, +anthony feliciano, +Anthony Quintano, +Kat Khatibi +MiKe McDonough, and way too many more to name!
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I have so many people in this circle already. Good choices!
Thanks Joe. Guess I'll know where all the new adds are coming from :-)
+Joe Martinez Great list. Thanks for sharing this. You really help the community out a lot. I just started a subscription to your too. People should definitely sign up to that. If you have space, I'd like to contribute an article sometime.
Thanks for including me and for sharing, Joe!
A lot of good people in this circle, thank you for including me +Joe Martinez! Now I am a little curious about your other 8 versions! =o)
I'm in the same circle as the +Dalai Lama? The ego my Buddhist-self has been trying to deconstruct is wowed by this. ;)
Original Post-Joe Martinez...Thank You for the share. Fantastic circle!
+Alida Brandenburg I'm actually going to go to a local Buddhist Temple for meditation later this month (I've Never been to one before) and they also have a special event for Makhapuja Day in February that I'm also going to check out. I'm always interested in expanding my knowledge of Buddhism and enlightenment. Definitely will be an interesting experience!
+Mark Spencer I normally shy away from intervening, but your comment is nicely provoking. First your use of the term "elitist" is not contextualized and defined so it's hard for me to understand your real intent.

If I venture a speculation, your perception of "elitist" is anyone that has somehow acquired a "large" number of users according to your
perception; I'd like to see if you had defined this circle as "elitist" as well if you were a part of it.

Also, you appear to not have much describing yourself in your profile, that is probably what you would consider not being an "elitist"; granted you can do whatever you want to with your G+ account, that fact remains that, with all due respect, that is what I call not being interesting or being obscure enough not to be circled. Also your posts are few and far between; I also call that not being interesting.

Please, note that when I call you "not interesting" I am strictly speaking from a Google Plus prospective; for all I know, you could be a great guy if we met, but that is not possible to ascertain in the virtual confines of Google Plus, especially without any profile info and/or sparse postings and participation

But, the most important thing is that you probably don't even know half of the people in this circle, nor do you know (and probably care), how they have acquired those followers or their level and most importantly type of participation in Google Plus. Thus your characterization is completely unfounded let alone stereotypical to begin with.
+Euro Maestro +Ciro Villa +Mark Spencer Yea, I don't consider this an "Elitist" group. Take +Euro Maestro for example. He didn't start out with a massive following. He was just a great engager and posted very interesting posts. So even though he started out only in my "Followers" circle he eventually ended up in my "best of the best" circle because of his amount of engagement and interesting posts. Everyone has a different style of posting so everyone will have their own tastes of who to follow. So hopefully this circle can help people find people they like and helps them cultivate their own circles.
Well said +Joe Martinez - you included a rather diverse group, a little bit of everyone/and type - to appeal to a more general audience (so to speak).
good roll out man i have alot of these on my own but good show none the less
Great idea. Thanks for sharing. The more awesome people that a person could meet the better I say.
Thanks again for mentioning me +Joe Martinez. I really need to put together an Appreciation/Friendship Circle and share it. :)
Thanks everyone but I have to thank you all for being so amazing! Even though my circle is at its limit I will definitely keep including amazing, engaging, and interesting people in my circles as much as I can!
Just discovered this, thank you for the share! I was out to sea when this went around. No wonder I came home to so many adds!
+1ing all my favorite people on this thread.
Maria I look forward to the day when we can HIRL because you are a keeper. I swear :-)
+Joe Martinez Thanks for clarifying your list. I don't know 2/3's of the people on the list but am looking fwd to getting to know them & reading their updates.
Always good to be in one of Joe's Circles.
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