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Happy Leap Day Everyone!!
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No Kermit the Frogs were hurt in the making of this meme! :p
Camp Town Races,Five Miles Long ,.....Oh,.Da, Do, Da Dayyyy!
I Just Know That Song Will Be Stuck In My Head Now,.Thanks!!!
hey guess wat it is leaping thats soooooo funny (NOT)
same 2 u,as for me, am leaping towards greatness,hope same with u.cheers.
awesome as... it looks like it is peeing...wait is it??? :D
Charm G
lol...funny pic. :)
Glory to God! May He see us through the next and indeed for all our days. Amen!
ya happy leap day to all who celebrate their birthdays in every four years
That is soooo Facebook. :) lol
happy leap day day to everyone................................
Thank you! I was going to let the day go unremarked. Made my day.
hey nice 2 see dis.......... ya happy leap year
today is leal day cuz i say so
dt waz a stuck up srogsnt thing 2 type
what'ssssssssssssssssssssssss the leap day????
Is that peeing?
+Mohammad Faraji - Today is February 29th. There is only a February 29th every 4 years (every Leap Year) - hence, today is Leap Day. :)
Happee leap day to you all
Hellyeah! Finally my birthday...
Happy Birthday- me too! I'm 11 in Leap Years!! :)
I just want to remind the golden rule: "Never play leapfrog with a unicorn".
That's it, consider yourself reminded :)
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