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Brand Pages to Follow on Google+!

Here is my latest circle share of some of the best Brand pages out there on Google+! Feel free to add them or share the circle! Some of the great Brand Pages included here are: +Mashable, +PlusPorts, +IGN, +Breaking News,, +Food Network, +NASA, +X Games, +BEACH DAY, +YouTube, +TOYOTA, +Coca-Cola, +Pepsi, +United Nations, +gdgt, +Android Enthusiasts, +SpaceX,, +WIRED, +Save the Children USA, +Baconism, +El Universal, +1up, +Laughing Squid, +LockerGnome, +Sony, +Red Bull, +Tekzilla, +Path, +Taylor Guitars, +Google Play, +The Weather Channel, +The Next Web, +Team Coco, +The White House, +ZAGAT,, +TED, +Revision3, +Philosoraptor, +Caturday, +WWE, +Google TV Friends, +South Florida Music Scene, +Radian6, +CircleCount, +Macy's, +Marvel, +Cadbury UK, +TechCrunch, +Hangout Conversations, +South Florida Events, +Time Out New York and way to many more to name! There is something for everyone in this circle!

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Wow, that's a great circle! Feeling really honored to be in this round!
Thanks +Joe Martinez!
Thanks everyone for the awesome comments and thanks to everyone out there sharing the circle! You guys are the best! +100
Thanks everyone for all the +1s!! :p
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