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Elephants to Retire From Ringling Brothers Stage

It's about time...

But after decades of animal rights activists claiming that it treats the giant creatures cruelly, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey announced Thursday that its three touring circuses, performing 1,000 shows a year, would phase out elephant acts by 2018.
The animals have been an iconic part of the show, but the circus will phase them out by 2018, amid growing public concern over how they are treated.
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Look, I dance for the man to live. Tell me it's not possible for elephants to humanely do the same? Is it that expensive to treat them well?
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This May Be The Live-Action He-Man Movie's Badass Battle Cat

Looks badass indeed!!
Details on the live-action Masters of the Universe movie have been scarce to say the least, but the Senior VP of Production at Sony/Columbia Pictures, DeVon Franklin, just tweeted this extremely impressive picture of He-Man's steed Battle Cat. What could it be other than concept art from the movie?
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Joe Martinez

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Largest mall in the U.S. proposed for Miami-Dade

Pretty insane! Miami is growing way too fast! :p
A 200-acre attraction, to be built by the company behind Minnesota’s Mall of America, would include sea lions, a Legoland, submarine rides and a ski slope.
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Tell me what in ranks in the world and I'll be even more proud.
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Joe Martinez

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HBO's Cable-Free Streaming Service Might Launch In April for $15 a Month


IBT reports a slew of new (supposed) details about HBO's forthcoming standalone subscription. The name? HBO Now. How much will it cost? $15. Should you be excited? Yes!
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Joey C
what do they got?
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SLING TV Today Adds AMC and IFC channels, Releases Hollywood Extra Package

Sweet! I may have to get this service!
i added the hollywood extras package and now am sufficiently impressed to cut cable completely
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What exactly is sling TV? We (after 5 years of no cable) just got it for HBO [GoT](thought we'd have AMC too [for twd] but don't) besides hgtv/food network the only other channels we care about are really just abc/fox/nbc/cbs
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Coming September 1st

Definitely a day 1 purchase!!
Metal Gear Solid​: #ThePhantomPain is coming on September 1st!
Konami has officially revealed that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released later this year on September 1.
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Joe Martinez

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I love moments like this...
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I live for this. Rarely happens any more. But this is something that feeds my soul.
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Joe Martinez

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Worldwide Octopus Uprising Continues With Aquarium Near-Escape

I guess they are trying to revolt... ;)
The beaked and eight-tentacled monsters with which we enjoy a tenuously shared existence on this Earth are no longer content to sit placidly in their tanks and their oceans. Cephalopods the world over are rising up and out of the water, from Australia to the Pacific Northwest, and no land-dweller is safe.
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Ultra Music Festival Bans "Drugs, Pacifiers, Glow Sticks, Backpacks," Dozens of Other Items

Sounds like this will be the lamest Ultra Music Festival ever... :p
With just weeks till opening day, Ultra Music Festival 2015 has instituted its latest security measure: a lengthy list of 'Prohibited Items.'
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Its that time again to see girls make out with and dry hump trees.
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I would move out with the quickness! #Spiders
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I'm going to regret watching this I think...
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Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer 3

Looks like its going to be incredible!

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