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MTHFR mutations are well-known genetic variations that can impact folate metabolism.

But there is a lot of confusion whether we should eat more or less folate.

This short article explains it in human terms.

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Hypothyroidism is becoming increasingly more common in Western countries.

One of the main symptoms of this hormone disorder is a slower metabolism and gradual weight gain.

Low carb and ketogenic diets have emerged as popular approaches to weight loss, at least in otherwise healthy individuals. But there is some controversy over the safety of these eating patterns for hypothyroidism.

This article reviews the scientific evidence available.

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Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common autoimmune diseases.

It affects up to 1.3% of the population worldwide, mostly women.

New research indicates that diet may influence traditional treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. This article summarizes the current science and recommendations.

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PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorders in the developed world.

In fact, it’s thought to affect almost 7% of pre-menopausal women in the US.

But there is surprisingly limited information on how to treat it naturally.

This article explores the best diet for PCOS, as based on scientific evidence.

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The health of your thyroid is greatly influenced by your eating pattern.

Understanding the key nutrients is especially important when your thyroid is underactive.

In this video we'll look at science-based food recommendations for those with hypothyroidism.

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Do Essential oils work?
This video is an unbiased, sales-free look at 3 common uses that might, and the science behind them.
For more details, click here:

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Essential oils are pretty hot right now.
But do they really work?
I mean just about every single person who recommends them gets a commission...
This video series is an unbiased, sales-free look at the most common uses for essential oils, and if there is any science to back up the health claims.

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All humans have certain genetic variations or “mutations” that can influence our health.

One of the more well-studied variations is known as an MTHFR mutation; more specifically MTHFR C677T and A1298C.

Unfortunately, not only is the concept of genetics difficult, but the terminology makes it even more confusing.

This video clarifies what an MTHFR C677T and A1298C mutation is, in a way you can understand.

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If you have a diagnosed MTHFR mutation, there are some important dietary considerations to make. The importance of folate cannot be overstated as you may not convert folate to its active form very efficiently. Watch the video to learn more

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To learn more, click here:
All humans have the same set of genes.
Our differences come from the tiny variations in those genes.
Those variations influence not only in how you look or behave different to others… But in how your body reacts differently to external factors.
Especially how it reacts to the foods you eat.
One of the more common and potentially dangerous variations is known as an MTHFR mutation. In this video I clarify what it is and what the health risks are, as well as what has been blown out of proportion.
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