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First official BAIT trailer. :D

This was 6 months of my life right here...
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Disaster Movie + Shark Attack Movie = Genius!
Damn, I never realised it took so long to create a trailer. Amazing work though. Will the film be just as good and who is working on that?
Oh no the trailer was cut by someone in Sydney recently in a couple of weeks. I meant >6 months on the actual movie.

And yeah, I think it's pretty good... as long as you don;t go in expecting it to be something more than it is... a fun genre movie. lol :P
Hehe missed the /s. ;) The film has been entirely complete btw for some time, I wonder why they are delaying the release so much?
Could they be waiting for the stench of Deep Blue Sea and 2012 to leave people's mouths before releasing it? Ha!
but seriously, it does look interesting. I guess it is hard to enjoy the no doubt fine work you have done on it by viewing a trailer cut by some nobody in marketing. I will definitely check out the film knowing you worked on it though, whereas previously I probably wouldn't have bothered.
+Travis Koger I imagine that will be the case for most people I know who are seeing it. ;)

Unfortunately you won't see much of my work in it, as an assistant editor I am much more focused on the technical side of things and logistics and organisation etc.
Ah, OK. In that case I will completely ignore it. If I get a chance to see the end creds for some bizarre reason, I will be sure to point out how I know that dude on G+... WICKED! :)
I did something similar when my sister-in-law worked on the Chopper movie as she was the PA to Michael Gudinski (or however you spell it). But then doesn't any Australian that watches an Australian produced film? :)
Yeah pretty much.
(correct spelling too, btw)
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