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This is a good, short article that covers the basics, with citations.
Fact-checking some of the gun lobby's favorite arguments shows they're full of holes.
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Joe Lancaster

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Bahahahaha republitards sure get butthurt when you tell the truth about them.
Hillary Clinton has triggered a full-scale Republican meltdown by telling the truth when she compared Republican policies towards women to terrorist groups.
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Joe Lancaster

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As long as not sure doesn't break your house and interupt
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What an incredible speech! This is your new President right here, America.

He's clearly the most in touch with the real issues, with the people, and with the process of achieving goals. He must be considered the frontrunner now.

#Bernie2016 #feelthebern
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Joe Lancaster

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But now "only the criminals have guns" so no-one can defend themselves and.... wait... you mean to tell me the country is dramatically safer now? Oh. /s
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Which means, if read literally, that they are in violation of the 2nd Amendment. The purpose of gun ownership is to maintain a well regulated militia. The National Guard is that militia, unless States decide to set up secondary militias with civilian oversight as in keeping with the wording of the amendment.

I don't know why the 2nd Amendment needs such introspective analyzing. It was pretty blunt on why there was a right to keep and bear arms as well as the purpose for keeping arms. Read things for what they are and not what you want them to be.
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Joe Lancaster

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Greg S.
+Mee Sah Maybe that column could be titled "Slaves recovered by armed patrols"? 
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Joe Lancaster

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A Simpsons episode from 15 years ago in which a disastrous Trump presidency is predicted.

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Joe Lancaster

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Those watching the Republican nomination race have probably noticed the significant success Donald Trump has had with essentially a European far-right platform: anti-immigrant rhetoric with a strong wink towards options of violence both by his followers (e.g. the men who beat a Latino man into the hospital, which he described as his followers being "very passionate" people who "want this country to be great again") and by him officially, if he's elected. (e.g. by forcibly deporting eleven million people; the means of finding them TBD)

So now we enter the second act of this particular black comedy, in which candidates who are having trouble in the polls try to steal Trump's voters by outdoing him. Alas, neither Scott Walker nor Chris Christie have anything resembling the sort of charisma required to lead a white supremacist movement, but you've got to give them points for batshit insane. In the past two days:

Christie wants to bring in Fred Smith of FedEx to work for ICE, and create a system that lets us track immigrants like packages, and find and deport them instantly when we want to. It's not quite clear what method he would prefer for affixing a computer-readable, nonremovable tag to people; some of the better suggestions I've heard so far involve implanting RFID chips in people's arms or necks, requiring that they wear some special identifying clothing, or simply tattooing their ID number on them somewhere. Trust us, nothing could go wrong with this.

(NB that Fred Smith has made no indication that he wants anything to do with Christie's ideas; he is not to blame for this)

Walker, on the other hand, appears to have become enamored of Trump's idea of building a wall sealing us off from Mexico, and wants to take it a step further: he'll not only build that, but notes the "legitimate concerns" which warrant us seriously investigating building a wall with Canada.

No, he does not appear to be joking.

I'm not sure whether he's terrified of an unexpected reprise of the War of 1812, or if there's a fear that Canadians might stream south of the border and... be really polite to people?

But yes, we have finally reached that point in American history where electoral politics and South Park are no longer clearly distinguishable. So alright, everybody – Blame Canada!
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My words are gone.
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Joe Lancaster

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Just like everything else in life, it depends who you give them to. I start with removing them from governments.  
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Joe Lancaster

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Just some adorable pics from the Qld premiere of the film 'StalkHer' last weekend with John Jarratt and Kaarin Fairfax and bae.
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side bewb.
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Joe Lancaster

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Given that as of this year America averages just over 1 mass shooting per day, is it finally time to catch up to the rest of the world with sweeping gun reform, or are people still too stupid?

#guncontrol #ammosexuals
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Yes, gun reform
No, still stupid
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No, lots of target practice though.
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Joe Lancaster

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Baffles me that this still needs to be said.

Once again, a baby shoots itself with a gun that was purchased with family safety in mind.

When will people get it? Guns do not protect families nearly as often as they destroy families.

These people thought they were different though, they knew how to safely own a firearm. They had nothing to worry about, and they had a gun to keep them safe if anything went wrong.

If your gun is available enough to be useful in an emergency, then it's available enough for a baby to shoot itself.
If your gun is put away in a safe place, then it's not available in an emergency situation. 
Police say mother brought child to St. Mary's Hospital with gunshot wound
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Clearly, 21 months is too long to wait to teach your toddler about gun safety.
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