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I just joined the red faction and I don't really know which communities I should be in now.

Hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day!
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LOL it totally looks pink
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Joe Julian

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+CNN announces that they're out of touch with the tech industry.
Congrats T-Mobile! Uncarrier FTW.
CNNMoney says T-Mobile is the tech company of the year, primarily based on its "un-carrier" moves.
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Joe Julian

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Wow! I cancelled my +T-Mobile service since I switched to Cricket and I received a call from a collection agency the next day for the balance!!!
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Yeah...part of why I left was that it was getting so lean it was all work and no play, but it remains the most process-centric shop I've seen, and many IT folks still there are a mixture of happy and "meh".

I'd kill for a process-centric shop with a company-wide view like we had at T-Mo.  Thing is that successful ongoing processes require headcount, and running a too-lean shop is the kind of problem that leads to the problem Joe is having.

Interesting that you jumped to Cricket.  Gonna have to check it out, though it'd be hard to break my 10GB habit.
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Joe Julian

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Pick up some swag for your favorite Ingress player as a stocking stuffer and help someone out at the same time.
Gris Gris Ingress Cancer Auction
For those of you who know him, +Mischa Krilov  is an incredible agent from the New Orleans Blue Voodoo team. He's been recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer... at 39 and with kids. +Cade Roux  broached the subject of a benefit auction, and after a two weeks of accepting an incredible number of donations from around the world, we are auctioning off what is likely the single most complete ingress collection (excluding Niantic-produced swag) on Mischa's behalf.

For those not wanting to participate in the auction but wanting to help, donations will be accepted
By Google Wallet or PayPal directly at Preferred)

The auction is broken up into several categories - each a separate auction.
They are listed for 10 days on eBay and have been converted to normal no-reserve auctions (people were confused by the silent auction format).

International Bidders
eBay is misbehaving - if it won't let you select your country, select US with ZipCode 39581, and we can arrange shipping via hangouts or private G+ post (shipping cost is covered in the auction).

The auctions are here:
Challenge Coins:
Shirts and Clothing:
Stickers and Papers:
Pins and Buttons:

A couple notes:
1) Niantic-produced swag is NOT included in the auction unless it is available for purchase from Niantic directly; if it looks like a Niantic item - it's either a reproduction or something that's publicly available through the google store/welovefine, etc.
2) I've already spoken with +Joe Philley, who thinks this is acceptable per TOS.
3) Nothing included has an existing agent name on it (though several items will be customized for the winner post-auction).
4) Some donated items have not yet arrived and are noted in the auctions and images; we fully expect that these items will arrive and offer them in good faith, but can't be held responsible for items that we don't receive; we will comment on auctions as pending items arrive.

Challenge Coins
UEF "Glow Jarvis"
BRRN 1st Ed (Edge Engraved: "For Special Service to NOLA")
BRRN 2nd Ed (Edge Engraved: BRRN Says, "Fuck Cancer.")

Flagstaff Interitus [E] (M)
Gettysburg Interitus [R] (2x)
Effingens Futuro [E] (L, Phoenix)
Ishinomaki Initio (White JPN L = ~M)
Ishinomaki Initio (Black JPN 2x = ~XL)
   with valid initio code card and initio lapel pin (1/110)
We Love Fine Founder (2x)
Sacramento Helios [R] (2x)
Cambridge Helios (M)
New Orleans Darsana [R] (Black 2x)
New Orleans Darsana [R] (Brown 2x)
Taiwan Resistance (2x, pending from Taiwan)
2-year (L, special color silver on black 1/10, pending from Glasgow)
Crankysmurfland (unknown size, pending from WA)
Galveston Resistance Shirt (small, pending from Galveston)
Berlin Resistance Scarf (pending from Atlanta)

Custom LED Nametag (to be produced post-auction 1/~12)
Custom NFC Agent Badge (to be produced post-auction)
New Orleans Darsana Poster [R] (20"x30" signed by artist 1/4)
New Orleans Darsana Voodoo Candle [R] (Darsana Engraving 1/6)
Sacramento Helios [R] Water Bottle
New Orleans Meet Joe Philley Mardi Gras Cup (blue)
New Orleans Enlightened Pint Glass
For A Better Tomorrow Magnet [E] (Wilmington NC)
ILM Eye Magnet [E] (Wilmington NC)
Berlin Resistance Beer Coaster
Taiwan Screen Wipes [R] (pending from Taiwan)
Andrew Bell Autographed Dead Zebra Android Collectible (pending from Malaysia)
Enlightened Eye Magnet (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Magnet (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Beer Mug (pending from New Orleans)
VanRe Color Changing Cup [R] (pending from Vancouver)
Cross Faction Plaque (pending from Atlanta)
New Orleans Meet Joe Philley Mardi Gras Cup (not pictured, green, pending from New Orleans)

Resistance Pendant (PuddingPet, silver)
ATL Resistance Key
New Orleans Darsana Doubloon [R]
New Orleans Darsana Mardi Gras Beads [R]
Resistance Lanyard (North Carloina)
Sacramento Helios [R] Phone Leash
Sacramento Helios [R] Dogtag (plain)
Tulsa Dogtag [R]
Galveston Dogtag [R]
Australian Resistance Keychain (Melbourne)
Ingress Hex Keychain (Cologne)
Level 8 Keychain (Quexser)
Roxo Bracelets/Charms
   Ingress, Initio, Helios, Resistance Key, Recursion [R], Smurf
   Seer [G], Interitus, Verified, Builder [S], Darsana, Guardian [P], Connector [S]
   Hacker [G], Explorer [S], Liberator [S], Recharger [O], Purifier [B], Pioneer [S], Mind Controller [S]
ENLorGTFO Bracelets (set of 3) (Phoenix)
Never Give Up Keychain [R] (Puerto Rico)
Wooden Faction Tag [R] (pending from Japan)
Wooden Faction Tag [E] (pending from Japan)
Acrylic Faction Tag [E] (pending from Japan)
Copper Darsana Medallion (pending from India)
Enlightened Eye Medallion (pending from the Netherlands, 1/100)
Resistance Hex Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Hex Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Money Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Cuff Links (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Tie Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Money Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Cuff Links (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Tie Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Bottle Opener (pending from Xm Swag)
Charleston Darsana Bracelet (pending from SC)
Charleston Darsana Dogtag (pending from SC)
Team Alpa Strike Lanyard [R] (pending from Vancouver)

Berlin Resistance Post Card
XM Collection Vehicle Bumper Sticker (Treehouse Stickers)
Ingress Large Blue (google store)
Ingress Small Blue (google store)
Ingress Reflective Blue (google store)
Resistance Silver (google store)
Life is Art (Japan)
NIA Takedown (Germany)
Resistance Nametag (google store)
Ingress Reflective Black (google store)
L8 [R] (google store)
Ingress Black (Cologne)
Helios Artifact #40 "Zelda" [R]
Sacramento Helios Tattoo
Kraken Interitus (Mexico City)
Kraken Initio (Mexico City)
Helios Tacoma
Helios Tulsa
SLC UR Darsana [R] (Utah)
X-Fac Helios (orange, MA)
Blue Dot Helios [R] (blue, MA)
Dragon Helios [R] (blue, MA)
Paris Resistance Postcard
Small Resistance Key Envelope
Portalyst (light)
ResistStl Business Card (white)
ResistStl Business Card (blue)
DMV Resistance Business Card
Viva La Resistance Sticker (Atlanta)
Hangouts (Boston)
Resistance Skull (Jacksonville)
ATL Resistance
Detroit Resistance
Ohio Resistance
Toronto Resistance
St Louis Resistance
Delaware Resistance
BAR Cocktail Shield (MA)
Chattanooga Resistance
PAIR [R] (Philadelphia)
Resistance Belgium (logo)
Eastern Massachusetts Resistance Key (MA)
Arecibo Resistance
Resistance Belgium (words)
Blue Voodoo Hex (New Orleans)
Blue Voodoo Flag (New Orleans)
Houston Resistance
Antelope Valley Resistance (CA)
c-base (Germany)
Charleston Darsana Calvinball Bio
Kyoto First Saturday Resistance (pending from Japan)
Kyoto First Saturday Enlightened (pending from Japan)
Eve (pending from Japan)
Resistance Kyushu (pending from Japan)
Ingress Kyushu [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Kobe [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Tokyo [E] (pending from Japan, first)
Ingress Kansai [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Tokyo [E] (pending from Japan, second)
Ingress Tokai [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Tohoku [E] (pending from Japan)
Taiwan Resistance Tatoos (pending from Taiwan)
Charleston Darsana (pending from SC)
Pony Riders [R] (pending from UT)
Glasgow Resistance (pending from Glasgow)
Netherlands Recruiting (pending from Atlanta)
RMX Helios [R] (Mexico) (pending from Atlanta)
Washington DC Resistance (pending from Atlanta)
UK Resistance Recruiting Card (pending from Atlanta)
Belgian Resistance Recruiting Card (pending from Atlanta)

Sacramento Helios [R]
Galveston Helios "Blame Wylie" Resistance Key
Resistance Puerto Rico
Helios Artifact #36 "Speedy" [R]
Helios Artifact #40 "Zelda" [R]
Monterrey Helios X-Fac (orange)
Monterrey Helios [R] (blue)
Ingress Bakery (Berlin)
Smurf You (Berlin)
Gettysburg Interitus [R]
Monterrey Resistance
Boston Helios [R]
Berlin Resistance
Baltimore Helios "Portal Kombat" [R]
SLC UR Darsana [R]
Chicago Helios [R]
Helcat Pin/Sticker (Japan)
Resistance Key Lapel Pin (WeLoveFine)
Niantic Lapel Pin (WeLoveFine)
Colored Plastic Helios Lapel Pin (Holland 1/100)
Paris Resistance
Charleston Darsana Calvinball [R]
New Orleans Darsana P.E.R.V. [R]
Taiwan Resistance (pending from Taiwan)
Haloweengress (pending from Taiwan)
Reproduction Helios Lapel Pin (pending from Taiwan)
Glasgow Lapel Pin (pending from Glasgow)
2-Year Button set (pending from Glasgow)
   Interitus, Black Niantic Hex, Blue Helios, 2-Year
   Glasgow Resistance, Scanner Iris, Resistance Key, Hangouts
   Blue Niantic Hex, Founder, Resistance Hex, Orange Helios
Resistance Key Lapel Pin (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Lapel Pin (pending from Xm Swag)
Color Anomaly Series Lapel Pins (pending from Xm Swag 1/200)
VanRe Lapel Pin [R] (pending from Vancouver)
Jacksonville Bluebirds [R] (pending from Jacksonville)

13Magnus Repro (WA)
L8 [R] Repro (WA)
Recursion Repro (Black Box, WA)
Recursion Repro (Cut, WA)
Resistance Key Repro (WA)
Interitus Repro (WA)
Helios Repro (Cologne)
Helios Repro (Atlanta)
Founder (WA)
Founder (Netherlands)
Darsana Repro (Atlanta)
Chatanooga Resistance
Helios Monterrey [R]
ATL Resistance (purple)
MWV Resistance (Mt Washington Valley, NH)
NEFL Interitus [R] (Florida)
Floria Resistance "Fister"
St Louis Resistance
Detroit Resistance
Blue Voodoo [R] (New Orleans)
GAAR [R] (Asheville)
United Chicagoland Resistance
Houston Resistance
Helena Interitus [E] (MT)
Helios Tacoma [R]
Darsana New Orleans [R] "Voodoo Doll"
Recursion Calvinball [R] (Florida 1/300)
UCR Interitus Krakow Connected Cell [R] (Chicago)
Chicago Helios [R]
Decode Ingress (Tacoma)
Hangouts (stitched, MA)
Resistance Bakery (Berlin)
Burgress (Netherlands 1/100)
Beergress (Netherlands)
JJ Fundraiser (WA)
Black Darsana Brussels (pending from Atlanta)
Charleston Darsana (pending from SC)
Platinum Explorer (pending from Chicago)
Munich Helio (pending from Munich)
BAR [R] (pending from MA)
Seattle Herons (pending from WA)
Bermuda Resistance (pending from Bermuda - will ship separately)
Black Resistance Key Repro (WA) (pending from Atlanta)
NEFL Manitee [R] (pending from Jacksonville)
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Joe Julian

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I hear that this storm is breaking apart the bulkhead here in Edmonds and causing flooding and power outages.
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Did you see the diver get spit out?
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YES!!! I got in to the new Red Faction today!

I hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day!
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I find it very frustrating that HIPPA treats email as this huge threat to privacy, but allows unencrypted snail-mail.

I've had my mailbox robbed way more than I've had my email snooped, and there are pretty simple ways of communicating via email securely if they would put forth even a little effort.
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Yes, and I could probably still buy a buggy whip somewhere too. ;D
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Joe Julian

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+緯穎 Wiwynn, a leader in +Open Compute Project storage hardware, doesn't get it and #fail s  to open-source the wknoxutil management software. 😒
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We're proud to announce that we've just released the long-awaited Fedora 21. Get it while it's hot!
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Really, +SwiftKey​? Think that's an appropriate suggestion? Lol! 
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Hehe. Best comment so far, "I think you're confused. You didn't install swiftkey you have "IkeKey""
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Dear fellow men, since it is clear some of you haven't been told, I would like to share one of the finer points of public restroom etiquette:

It is considered gauche to spray urine on any surface in the room, even if that surface is in the same general direction as bowl.

Further, a gentleman, if unable to cope with cleaning up his own spray after painting the walls or sink or whichever innocent surface he strikes during a fit of spasms that occurs while relieving himself, at least notifies the staff of the mess while cowering behind the lie that he "just found the mess;" this expedites the process of having some innocent worker clean up the infantile mess left behind so another person may use the restroom.

Thanks from all those who will follow you in the W.C.
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A very manly sentiment. I salute you.
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Visit SPARK Museum in Bellingham WA

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Good bagels, horrible coffee.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Featuring a long slide with a boulder staircase. There are reader boards around the park with historic details and points of interest. Restroom is a wheelchair accessible port-a-potty that is serviced regularly and is usually pretty clean.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
During our initial cleaning, they ripped our screw-in stopper out of our kitchen sink. After consulting their handiman, he claimed that it was "old and probably ready to go in the first place" so they offered to split the cost of repairs. Considering the amount of money they're expecting to get paid every month, this would have been a very cheap issue to just take care of. Instead, when I gave them the opportunity of repairing the problem or cancelling our service, they chose the latter. Their cleaning wasn't worth the price they were charging anyway. There was still dust on top shelves, cobweb left dangling from the ceiling, dust bunnies collecting under the sofa (and there's plenty of room under the sofa to clean), only the front side of lampshades were dusted, things moved around and left in places other than where we want them, decorations moved, rotated, placed on their sides, etc. I will be trying another service.
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There are two kinds of coffee snobs. One that believes that there are different tastes and that good quality roasters can produce varied flavors. Many believe that the full bodied flavor of a medium roast is generally superior to a dark roast, but allows for the fact that some people like dark roasts. The other is the kind that believes that their way is the only "right" way. This is the point-of-view I received at Ritual Coffee Roasters. I know that I like a 16oz Mocha Breve with 2 shots of medium roast espresso. They believe that I'm ruining the flavor of the coffee with an excessive ratio of milk to coffee. I was actually a little hungry and wanted a 20oz triple. I was scoffed at. Their biggest cup size is 12oz.
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Food: Poor - FairDecor: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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The view is cute overlooking the harbor, fishing docks and boats with nice big windows. The live jazz enjoyable without overpowering our conversation. The wait staff friendly but inattentive. The filet mignon cuts are inconsistent, my wife's had a gritty texture and was over cooked, no pink at all for a medium-rare order and mine had a too-long-in-the-fridge taste to part of it. The whole thing was smothered in an overpowering mushroom sauce disguising the mediocrity of the beef. The lobster was properly cooked and flavorful. The chopped spinach as well. All in all it was a pleasant dinner, but could have been much better.
• • •
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Ordered on Feb 5th. Received a USPS tracking number on the 6th in an email which states that I "should expect delivery in 2 to 5 business days." It's now the 15th and not only has my product not been delivered, but the USPS hasn't yet received the package for that tracking number. I would suggest finding some reputable company.
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