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The only thing that has ever kept me from buying a Sony over a Nexus has been the UI (and updates). But with the underwhelming cameras and build quality vs Sony, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it. I am a father of 2 year old twins. I need a good camera. I need awesome dual front facing speakers. I need water resistance. Probably more than I need pure Android. I know I could root a Sony (I think), but don't really want to. Is there anyone else out there who can relate? I'm thinking M5 or Z5 vs nexus. 

Please come up with a comparable phone to the nexus 5. I will not buy another moto phone. I will not buy a 6 inch phone either. Thank you. That is all.

Where the hell is my 5.1 update for my "pure edition moto x 2014" ? This is ridiculous. Never again Moto.

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Just great

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Plus 10000
I found this letter quite interesting. I don't post much about the NFL but this is pretty distinct from the standard apologies we hear from athletes(representatives).

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Will the Nexus 6 have Moto Assist and other Moto exclusive features like the Moto X? #Nexus 6
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Twins being twins.
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