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On +ameriDroid Customer Service

Most folks know me as a guy that can find something wrong with almost anything (and I am not shy about pointing it out).

It is very rare that I find an opportunity to write about a product or service that I have found to find to be nothing short of exceptional

This is one of those few.

Over the past few months, I have had the extreme pleasure of receiving absolutely stellar  customer service from a company called +ameriDroid 

I just have to say that Bo and Terisse surly went "over the top", several times, to rework (and rework... and rework) orders and quotes, and to provide custom shipping solutions to meet our needs, often during the most difficult of times (during new product release "crunch times").

We were demanding, and they kept right up with the challenges, smiling the whole way, and making us feel like our little account really, truly matters.

Customer Service of this caliber is so rare to find these days

I will say it again: * +ameriDroid   and the +hardkernel odroid  brand of products are flagships * - These are truly top notch operations, that time and time again, prove to only impress me more and more with each dealing I have with them.

Congratulations go out to +ameriDroid  +hardkernel odroid  , Bo, Terisse, and +Rob Roy and the gang for their hard work and devotion to bringing forth what I find to be the finest SOC products to hit the market

Hat's off to you!

"TJoe(h^)" and Lynda Hecht
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Jon K
Agreed. I've been dealing with Stephen, recently, who is also at ameriDriod. First time buying an odriod-c2, acrylic case, and a few other items. I had considered just ordering directly from hardkernel, but the difference in price was negligible so I went with ameriDroid. I am now very glad that I did, because of the great experiences. Business is about relationship. And I think they know that very well. I'm very pleased and I will consider them first and foremost when considering anything odriod related.

By the way, their "tinkering kit" is a fantastic value. The protoboard is standard fare and available from suppliers in 1s for around $10. But the rest? That alone is worth the price without the protoboard!

I am also happy with them.
You guys are so awesome! Thanks for all that you do and keep it up!
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