I'm usually not one to rave about an iPhone app, but this one happens to matter to anyone who values GPS navigation. Garmin is on IOS, iPhone and iPad (iPhone compatibility mode). I'v been playing with the $0.99 version which relies on network connectivity and I'm 99% sold. Previously I had been looking into last year's multitouch 3790LMT (the 3D rendering is smooooooth) or even the upcoming 3490LMT (30 second 'realtime' multifactor traffic analysis and rerouting). Then I decided to try out Garmin's offering on IOS figuring there wasn't exactly anything to lose... i.e. Motion X? Um, yeah.....no, just, No. That's coming from a bought and paid for sense of 'underwhelmedness'.

So I grabbed it, and StreetPilot for iPhone... is... amazing!

Voice prompts though my in-ear earbuds while I ride a motorcycle through LA traffic? Hell yes!

No more slapdash glances at a physically mounted GPS unit for visual confirmation! It's immediate, audible, and out of my way when the turn has been taken.

The music even fades out for the text to speech "heads up" during trips.
Missed turns are recalculated automatically (Awesome!!!), and it even sounds a simple two tone warning if I exceed the speed limit on nearly any road (I actually love this feature, over time I can see this feature training me to drive close to the speed limit everywhere.), this sort of feature is amazing on a motorcycle since it's sooooo easy to accelerate past all standing traffic when the light turns green. Now I can stay reasonably aware of my throttle habits. Garmin?!!! What took you 2 years?
StreetPilot on iPhone FTW!
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