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A fascinating NLP persuasion skills deconstruction of the recent UK Election Leaders Debates by +Rintu Basu #UKIP #SNP #Conservatives #Labour #election2015  

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Awesome advice for anyone wishing to get their home ready to sell. I never considered the fact that shifting your mindset from "my home" to "my house" could make such a difference but it make sense and could help you if your house isn't selling.

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#sales  "Why Salespeople Don’t Make Good Negotiators" by @SimonHazeldine on @LinkedIn

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+Sophie Jewry makes a great distinction between graphic design and branding. There's a big difference!

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I've known and recommended +Nial Adams for over a decade and highly recommend this structured 4 month course to anyone keen to master marketing.
Marketing Courses in Norfolk

The New Summer Term Dates are out! If you're serious about developing your own skills in marketing and want to learn and gain a qualification that really stands up, take a look now.

Our training courses include:

- Founding Principles of Marketing & Business Growth
- Structure, Planning and Direction
- Working with Budgets and Resource
- Define Your Business & Build Your Proposition
- Establish Your Marketing Assets
- Brand Building vs. Direct Marketing
- Establishing Customer Value
- Permission Based Marketing
- Integrating your Sales & Marketing Strategies
- Synchronising Multiple Marketing Channels
- Creating Leverage and Hyper-Leverage in your Marketing
- How to Write Effective Sales and Marketing Copy
- Understanding & Using PR
- How to Joint Venture & Collaborate
- Using Social Media for growth

This acclaimed marketing training course from The PUSH Academy combines THREE key ingredients:

Structured Learning – this centers around classroom-based learning, in small, private groups. You get the opportunity to learn and develop your Core Business Skills under the direction and support of a professional business tutor with over fifteen years of personal experience.

Building Your Plan – most training courses focus on knowledge and learning but fall short when it comes to helping you actually apply this knowledge. A fundamental part of this marketing training course is the creation of your Marketing Plan. You’ll learn how to create a plan, which you will start working with straight away.

Direct Business Mentoring – the final but equally important part of this programme is the direct and personal mentoring you will benefit from. Every student is personally mentored by Nial Adams, the Principal Tutor; helping you to check your learning and keeping you on track as you progress.

#marketingcourses   #norfolk  

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Wes Linden is speaking in Norwich on Wednesday. I'm a huge fan of what he stands for and, although I didn't publish this book, I certainly would have!

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Delighted that my sister +Debbie Jenkins has published a free authentic Spanish recipe from her book. She collaborated with local chefs and cooking experts in her home in La Murta, Murcia to bring these recipes to the rest of us. Can't wait to try it!

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This will be a very useful hangout - Marianne is an expert at process and systems for businesses so I'm personally hoping to get some new tips for clearing my over-full todo list!
Are you wasting your time & money on personal development?

Are you all set to join us at 2pm?

In just 30 minutes, I'll share with you strategies and tactics for choosing the personal development you invest your time and money in and getting a real return on investment!

If you haven't registered for the class yet, follow this link

If you have already registered, then simply click here to join the session

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Two people I greatly admire!
Gary Vaynerchuk Interviewed by Become A Key Person of Influence author Daniel Priestley #kpimethod #entrepreneurrevolution #entrevo
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