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Joe Frazee

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Giants at the Gate

Like two giants guarding the tower, two sections of the old glass plant still stand in Ariel Foundation Park as a reminder of the city's history.

#arielfoundationpark #landscapephotography #citypark #mountvernonohio
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Joe Frazee

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And Bullets Were Flying Over Head

Another play with Analog Efex Pro 2 plugin on a photo I shoot during the local World War Two reenactment

Left photo: Final photo done in Analog Efex Pro 2.
Right photo: Original photo.

#beforeandafter #postprocessing #reenactment #ww2
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+prince khatkar hiiiii
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Joe Frazee

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Rastin Observation Tower

The Rastin Observation Tower was once a smoke stack that has been turned into a observation tower for the Ariel-Foundation Park. You probably have seen it in some of my photos that I have shot around the park.

I have tried to go up but I am scared of heights and as you can see, you can see right the stairs. If that was not the case, I might have made it to the top.

#colorvsbw #observationtower #tower #arielfoundationpark
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"I think your engines knocking."
"Nope, that's my knees!"
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Joe Frazee

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Black Belair

Photographed at the Blast from the Past car show in Delaware, Ohio.

Starting Adobe Lightroom CC, I started in the Basic panel and applied the following settings: Highlights -73, Shadows +51, Whites +21, and Clarity +29. And after cropping, I moved on to Lightroom plugin Color Efex Pro 4.

Opening in Color Efex Pro 4, I applied the following filters: Detail Extractor (Fine at 70% opacity), Bi-Color Filters (Violet/Pink No.2 at 48% opacity), Color Stylizer (Soft Sepia at 100% opacity), Graduated Filters (Orange No.3 at 14% opacity with a 0 degree rotation), Graduated User Defined (Sky Blue with 58% opacity with 29% Vertical Shift), and Vignette Lens (Off-center / Amount -17% / Rectangle / Size 36%).

Left: The final post-processed photo.
Right: The original photo I started with.

#beforeandafter #postprocessing #belair #classiccar #carshow
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Joe Frazee

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Paint Me An Cowboy

Another try of Corel Painter 2017. I found how to add a texture within painter 2017.

#photoart #corelpainter #art #monochrome 
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Joe Frazee

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Okay, open Google+ and I see I am back to the old classic G+ interface, which I don't mind. BUT, I have no switch to switch back to the new G+ if I wanted to. But I switch back to the classic G+ several weeks ago and then one day I open G+ and found myself back to the new G+, and now I see the classic G+ is back. I don't like this switching back and forth without my input. It's getting to not knowing which version of G+ will open up into week by week.

Btw, I am using Safari and never had this new problem. Or maybe this is sign that Google is moving back to the old G+ interface.

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Joe Frazee

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Draw Me a Corvette

Playing a little with this Corvette image to give it a little draw effect on the background. To give you a rough layout of what I did, I first created a copy of the photo. One photo I took into Color Efex Pro 4 and simply ran the Solarization set to Black and White Method No.2 preset, then saved it out. Then I open the original photo into Photoshop, then made a duplicate layer and then turned off the duplicate. Next, I brought in the Solarization version and put on top of the original so it was sandwich between the original and the duplicate. Then I turned on the duplicate copy and made a duplicate of the duplicate. So, the Layers panel from bottom goes Original, Solarization, First Duplicate, Second Duplicate. Got it?!

Okay, now the effects. Starting with the bottom layer (original photo), I went to Filter and choose Find Edges. Moving to the Solarization photo, I invert the layer and then changed the blend mode of the layer to Color. Moving on to the first duplicate photo, I simply changed the blend mode of the layer to Vivid Light. And finally, I selected the second duplicate photo (the one on top), added a black mask to hide the layer and then painted back in the car to finish if off. And there you have it! A car against a background that looks like a color drawing.

Left: Finish post processed photo.
Right: Original photo before post processing.

#beforeandafter #postprocessing #carshow #corvette
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Joe Frazee

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Rolling Down the Solar Roadway

This is pretty cool! 600 miles of solar roadway.
Can't wait for something like this to happen in USA.

#solar #solarpanels #solarroadway
Planned Solar Roadway in France Will Cover 600 Miles With Photovoltaic Panels
France's sustainable roadway will generate enough electricity to meet the energy needs of roughly 8 percent of the country’s inhabitants.
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Joe Frazee

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*A little flare before bedtime *

Playing a little with Analog Efex Pro 2.

#truck #classictruck #carshow #analogefexpro #fourwheeledfriday
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Joe Frazee

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1932 Streetrod

Nice shiny bad boy!
I was talking about the car, not me.
I do look like I lost a little weight.

#extremebw #blackandwhite #monochrome #carshow #streetrod
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very good
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Joe Frazee

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Call Me Michelangelo Joe

Working with the new Corel Painter 2017 is actually becoming fun. If you are a photographer who want to see your photos are art, you might want to download a trial version. I am finding a new way to take my photograph in a new direction.

Note to +Scott Kelby and +KelbyOne:
Thanks a lot for my new addiction!

#photoart #googlecollections #corelpainter #mountvernonohio #clocktower #painter
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Joe Frazee

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I'm Not A Painter...

...but I play one on the web!

New toy, new collection...maybe. I just upgraded to the new Corel Painter 2017 which only cost me $99 as I am a +KelbyOne member and had a old version from decade again. I played around with it but found out something important about myself: I really suck at painting! So, I gave up but this new Corel Painter 2017 actually might make me look like a painter with the Auto Painting feature. I still have a LOT to learn.

So, here is my first try.

#corelpainter   #photoart   #classiccars  
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Amateur Photographer, Post-Processing, Prepress, & Whatever
I work in prepress for a small printshop in Central Ohio using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat. 

Photography is my main hobby for now and I enjoy photographing classic cars, historic old buildings, landscape, and whatever catches my eye. Software I use for my photography post-processing include Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, OnOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite, Nik Software's Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro. Also, I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Please checkout more of my photography and purchase prints from my SmugMug page.

Also, I have a few photos on my NAPP Portfolio page.

RULES Pertaining to my Photos:
Rule No.1
If you like to share my photos here on G+, there are three ways. First is the share button on bottom of the post (under the photo). Second is the Link to Post option in the Options Menu in the upper right corner (this is great if you want to share the post outside of G+ or email it to someone). And third, you can click on the Share in the photo viewer or whatever it is called when you go to view the photo in a larger view. The reason I ask that you use these options is so that people can see who's photo it is and where the original is located.

Rule No.2
I have no problem if you download any of my photos here on G+ to use as a desktop background on your computer, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Android Tablet. All I ask is that you don't go download crazy, but it does bring a smile to my face knowing that people like my photos enough that they want to see it on their desktop everyday.

Rule No.3
When it comes to prints like a picture on the wall, I do have photos on my SmugMug ( that you can purchase. But I do not have a problem if you print one out on that little printer you bought from Walmart and put in a little cheap frame also bought from Walmart as the photos here are not top high resolution for top quality printing. And again don't go print crazy, I would prefer you buy prints from through my SmugMug page and the money would go towards someone, that being me, who makes little for working at a small printshop.

Rule No.4
To wrap up, all I am asking is that you do not claim that my photos are yours or post them, print them, or share them in a way that would give others the idea that the photo is your property or that you took the photo. Keep in mind that I have the original RAW files and the original processed files. Also, I prefer you do not make a profit on my photos, you know, sell them, make prints and sell them on street corners, etc. Since I put the work into the photo, I should be the one making a profit, it's that simple. Let me state that I am into the photography not to get rich (but it wouldn't hurt), but as a creative outlet or hobby for me.

My favorite subjects to photograph:
-cars (especially classic ones)
-buildings (especially old ones)
-some landscape
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