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Joe Fedewa
Tech enthusiast. Sports enthusiastic. The word "enthusiast" enthusiast.
Tech enthusiast. Sports enthusiastic. The word "enthusiast" enthusiast.
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TBH YouTube TV doesn't have much to offer over the competition other than being a YouTube product.
So many channels and packages to choose from. How does YouTube TV compare with the rest?

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Why is search so bad in the Play Store? I feel like this has been a problem since I started using Android. Just one letter off and it's completely useless.
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A lot of people are butthurt about me saying the Pixel phones lack premium features.

IP68 rating is a premium feature.
The Pixel phones are not IP68 rated.
Therefore, they lack at least one premium feature.

That's literally all I'm saying. I'm not saying this is a shit phone and you shouldn't buy it. I'm sure it's a nice phone and I'm looking forward to trying one out. But it's not waterproof and that sucks.

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This app is the exact opposite of what everyone wanted.

Thoughts on the headphone issue that won't fit on Twitter

I am a fan of pushing the industry forward with new standards. Ditching floppy disks for CDs was the right thing to do. Shunning the popular Flash in favor of HTML5 was the right thing to do. Switching from micro USB to USB Type-C was the right thing to do. Etc.

The thing about those changes is you could tell they were the right thing to do from the beginning. It didn't take a few years to realize that they made the right decision. That's what everyone is saying about the headphone thing. "In a few years you won't even care."

My biggest problem with the situation is that Apple didn't give us a worthy replacement for the 3.5mm headphone jack. I would be 100% on board with a better standard for wired headphones, but that's not what Apple did. They are using their own proprietary standard, which doesn't push the industry forward in any way. Wireless headphones are not a new invention either.

Apple had the "courage" to remove a universal port and replaced it with their own.

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360-degree photo from inside of a bird feeder

Taken with the Gear 360.

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It was really hard not to talk about Pokemon GO for an hour
Mobile Roar Podcast 144

Yes, we do talk about Pokemon GO, but only for a few minutes. Other topics include leaked smartwatches, Facebook's battery testing, Note 7 launch, and more!

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This game is reaaaaaally fun
Do you have what it takes to take down a mammoth with nothing but a spear?

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Staring into your soul.
Mobile Roar Podcast 133

We've got the HTC 10 and LG G5 in the house. We're also talking about the new features in Android N, and why texting in movie theaters is the worst thing you can do. Enjoy!

Both of my watches received Marshmallow yesterday. Left them off the charger for about 10 hours last night to test Doze.

Moto 360 Sport: 38-13%
Moto 360 1st gen: 68-56%

Definitly not as impressive as Doze on phones.
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