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This is going to get worse for the NFL before it gets better.
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So, this is gonna sound bad and maybe even ruthless but......did these adult men really not know that they could get hurt playing football?
Really, would they run into a brick wall even with a helmet on? Then why would they think running into a solid mass of muscle head on would be any different?
Now, I do think there could be blame if owners, coaches, and the league were MAKING players play when they know that they have a head injury but that it not what this article portrays the lawsuit as being about.
It claims the NFL "hid" the dangers of concussions from them......I'm not sure I understand???
Again, I know it probably sounds awful and really, I don't want people to get hurt but really??? It is football after all, and a full contact sport at that....aside from wrapping them all in bubble wrap and playing tiddlywinks, I don't know what to say????
It's somewhat similar to cigarette companies misleading public information about the dangers of smoking.

I don't necessarily it was some super evil plot against the players via the NFL, but they really dragged their feet with research and overall not being proactive over ensuring a healthy future for their athletes.
Also, these men didn't just wake up one day and start playing Football, they had been playing most of their lives since childhood. If you are raised believing or not believing a certain "truth" it begins to essentially brainwash you until some major authority (in this case, the NFL) steps in to hopefully alter a popular method of thinking.
I was gonna say something about how the sports environment starts when you are young. And, I would bet that there are more instances of younger players being pushed to play through the pain as well.
And I do understand the "principle" of the suit, I guess I just don't like the way it was worded. It makes it sound like the players don't have a clue and I would like to think that we are all just a little smarter than that.
I do hope things continue to improve in all sports to protect players as much as possible without losing the integrity of the games.
+Debbie Greenwood, something that appears to be coming out of this whole issue that really could make a difference was mentioned by Peter King in his latest Monday Morning Quarterback after an interview with London Fletcher (very similar player in regards to durability and length of career/missing very few games). Me paraphrasing would never do it justice so here's a great quote:

Fletcher didn't know Seau well, but he knows the type of person he was -- driven, brave, not one to ask for help. He's like the rest of us: He doesn't know why Seau killed himself. But he fears it has something to do with the football player's way of minimizing injuries, mentally and physically, and seeking his own way out of problems instead of asking for help. That's why he hopes the league and the players association will mandate counseling sessions for players as they transition out of football."

Read more:
And he raises a great point about that, while it is really up in the air whether the NFL should be held retroactively liable for 'encouraging' this Hero mentality, at least there can be some significant steps forward in ensuring a decent life for Football players in the near future.

While I'm a Red Sox fan to the bone, my favorite sport is Football. There's something so epically awesome about it (and I love my Patriots, don't get me wrong), but the sport in general is something I've grown up in awe of. I want it to stick around, and I want the players who I watched play it while I grew up to stick around, become old and live regular lives.
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