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Hey, everyone;

I have a need for a possible screen repair/replacement on my daughter's Nexus 5. Wanted some advice from the group on proceeding.

If you've had it done (either via Google or independently), I'd appreciate your comments as to time and cost.

If this is a DIY-possible job, I'd love input on that as well, especially as to where to get a replacement screen.

Thanks in advance.
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I found the biggest issue to be getting the tape off the old frame and onto the same places on the new one. It's quite tight inside there so some thin tape in the wrong place will affect how well it all fits. Aside from that it's not too difficult, it's all modular and will only fit in one way. I assume getting someone else to do it will be about £140. £90 + £50 labour.
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For what this is worth, I see a noticeable improvement in battery life on the Nexus 5 since the 4.4.2 update yesterday. I got the update later in the after noon , and tested the camera a couple if times. At some point before leaving work, I took it off the charger, and have been on batter only since. As of right now (1230 EST, 1730 GMT), I've been off charge for 17 hours and 40 minutes, and currently have 74% of my battery left.

Now my usage has been pretty light, just a couple of calls and occasionally looking at some email and a website or two at dinner last night. I'm on wi-fi at the office and home, and on LTE in between. But it just seems that the battery is lasting longer than it normally would under similar conditions. I'll have to observe for a couple of weeks, but this update (which I received OTA, on a stock, unrooted N5) appears to be very beneficial so far.
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Just got 4.2.2 on my Nexus 5. No, I'm not going to post a picture of the screen. But the camera is a lot faster. A lot faster. 

That is all.
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I decided not to because some people in this community were griping about it the other day. So, in order not to annoy the weenies, you're just going to have to take my word for it. ;)
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Joe Dougherty

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Love the face. Love the pose. Love the shirt.
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sweat dream babe
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Joe Dougherty

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NatGeo did last night...Killing Kennedy
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Joe Dougherty

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A guy named Jeff Billman offered a rant about guns in this week's Folio Weekly, a free news and entertainment paper published here in Jacksonville. (Translation: it's my adopted hometown's left-wing fishwrap).

He fills is column with the familar tired arguments as well as some specious relationships between last week's  theater shooting and the Florida courts allowing guns in vehicles on state colleges. 

Oh, yeah, if you're white, if you like guns and if you dislike gun control laws, you're a racist. Why? Because some paper on a web site said so, that's why. You're a racist for even asking.
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Joe, Jax is the city I grew up in. But sadly, after the recent farce surrounding the renaming of my high school alma mater, N. B. Forrest H.S., I'm not really surprised about this or anything else coming out of there!
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Native MTP Support in Available in Ubuntu and other Linux Distros.

Those of you who use Linux and  own a Nexus device running KitKat probably know that Android has removed support for USB Mass Storage (USM), which was really the only way Linux users could mount the storage on most Android devices via computers and laptops. The Linux kernel was able to support Media Transport Protocol (MTP),  a standard in Windows and Mac, but using it required installing and tweaking add-in libraries and tools, itself a hit-and-miss situation.

So there's good news for Linux users of Ubuntu and it's derivative distributions. In Ubuntu 13.10, native support for MTP has been added in and it should work out of the box, with no configuration necessary. 

I use Linux Mint, a derivative of Ubuntu, and this morning I installed the Cinnamon version of Mint 16, which is currently a release candidate. After completing the installation, I plugged my Nexus 5 into the laptop's USB port, and the system immediately detected it and opened a file browser. I was able to copy files back and forth from the phone's internal storage with no issues. 

Mint 16 is still in RC status, but I've found it to be extremely stable, so if you don't mind getting frequent updates toward a final release version, you'll be OK with Mint.

If you would rather go with a final release version of Linux that includes this feature, you won't go wrong with Ubuntu 13.10, which is available now. 
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+Daniel Schumm I've heard that on older versions, what you described was fairly common. But I know that it works well now. 
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Joe Dougherty

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Amelia woke up early, Grammy gave her a bottle and she fell back asleep in her little rocking chair. She and Mommy are leaving today, so I got up and sat with her for a while while Mommy and Grammy slept. I wonder what they dream about when they're this tiny? All I know is that I see the blessings of all of God's universe in that sweet, sleeping face.
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Joe Dougherty

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More evidence of what a moral, upstanding guy John F. Kennedy really was. Well, at least he didn't try to take over health care. 
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Joe Dougherty

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Yes, he was so "deeply saddened" that he could barely finish his 150th round of golf since taking office. I know, I know, my lefty friends are thinking "well, what could he do about the Philippines?" Nothing, He couldn't do anything. Maybe that's a good thing for what's left of that region.
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Systems engineer.
You know, like nunchuk skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills...
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I contacted Duval Ford to inquire about a 2013 F-150 included in their on-line inventory listings. I arranged to visit the dealer last Friday evening for a test drive and met Malcolm Daigle. Turns out the fleet sales department had sold that specific truck earlier in the day. He offered to find one just like it at another dealer and have it delivered. But also showed me the identical vehicle with a V8 engine (vice the V6 I had originally budgeted for). I took it for a test drive. The mileage ratings were just a little less then the V6, and the truck was otherwise equipped exactly as I wanted, including the color. He worked out a price and it was incredible. I drove it home that night having spend $4000 less than I budgeted. They offered me financing, but never pressured me when I told them I had pre-arranged it. He also didn't "bait-and-switch" me with the bigger engine...Malcolm repeatedly insisted he could get precisely what I wanted. But the price was great, so this was a no-brainer. Malcolm prepared all the paperwork, had the truck detailed and even swapped my tag from my trade-in vehicle. Before I left, he sat in the truck with me and detailed all the features, even helping me get my smartphone connected to the Sync system for hands-free calls. The next day, he called me to make sure everything was good. The process was painless: no haggling, no pressure, a great offer, excellent personal service and a considerate follow-up. You can shop there without worry, and I urge you to work with Malcolm.
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Can't rate the place because it's closed. The site is right next to the build where my office is located. Just want to prevent people from actually coming here to eat.
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