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I know I can use a little more forgiving...
May God help us to be a little more forgiving in our families, more forgiving of each other, and perhaps more forgiving even with ourselves. Let the year 2015 be a year of forgiving and being forgiven.

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While serving in the United States Navy in World War II, I learned of brave deeds, instances of valor, and examples of courage. 

One which I shall never forget was the quiet courage of an 18-year-old seaman—not of our faith—who was not too proud to pray. Of 250 men in the company, he was the only one who each night knelt down by the side of his bunk, at times amidst the jeers of bullies and the jests of unbelievers. With bowed head, he prayed to God. He never wavered. He never faltered. 

He had courage

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Great Message!
Are you filling your life with those things that are most important?

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