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And WTF is this? I see numbers and I don't like it. 
The report about how much suck the iPhone 5 is full of and how that's translating to poor sales came out.
I won't count apple out. But I will say it is pretty damn scary so far. I work with a guy who bought hundreds of shares when they were thirty bucks. He told me to get in... sigh.
He's still sitting pretty if he started at $30 a share.
Oh man no doubt. I am happy for him, I am not the hater type, but I HATE myself. I had like a grand to play with too.
Oh because you didn't get in or because you got in more recently?

I really should make a stock portfolio...
Naw I missed this one and it is way too expensive for me to play now. My stocks are bullshit at the moment.
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