Fighting Laziness Like Sigmund Freud

Don't fall for the "I can't" motto of the many who constantly fail over and over again. Why? The world's not against you. Believe that. Rather, your MIND is what's against you; and you have to CHANGE your mind completely, or else you'll decrease in your work productivity and get lazy real fast.

Sigmund Freud said it best: laziness is the "proper way" for human beings to find pleasure, obviously. After all -- who wouldn't find it pleasurable to NOT do anything at all? Not have obligations or a to-do list? It's such a hassle. We'd rather just lounge around and do nothing.

It's basically a protective mechanism, avoiding additional work for fear of failure. Freud understood that, and make no mistake -- there may be justifiable cause to resort to that mechanism. But not always....

Don't let that fear build up in you a negative attitude. You'll end up applying the mechanism to EVERYTHING -- including situations where you KNOW you'll succeed as usual. It would be unfortunate if you, a successful businessman, would be deathly afraid of meeting with a prospective client (one you know you'd secure in a heartbeat) all because you're afraid.

Don't be afraid. Please. You're better than that.
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