Why Smiling Like Dwayne Johnson Can Generate Leads for Your Business

Check out joedelfgauwseminars.com for some inside info on Jack Bauer, negotiation tactics and a nuclear bomb (because THAT would be essential, folks), but if you're all about the pumped-up muscles, G.I. Joe and Fast & Furious action of a former WWE Superstar come to life in Hollywood with the charisma of a cat, look no further than Dwayne Johnson, right? Right.

Think about it, people. Why is that man so successful? It's obvious. The guy SMILES. He smiles A LOT. And that really is the key to generating some popularity, some visibility -- or in your case, leads.

Likability is an important aspect of persuasion and negotiation. Let's put it this way: if the person you're talking to doesn't really like you -- your personality, your aura, or maybe just your teeth -- chances are pretty good that you're not going to go far with your sales or business pitch!

It all starts with your smile. Or an eyebrow. Or tilting your head. Be animated. Be real. Don't be a statue. Be a natural human being with a flair for the debonair, and for sure you're going to be on your way to getting that "yes" to a substantial lead, new account, or business partnership. Can you smell what I'm cookin'?
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