How Your Work Resume Can Be a Guide for Dating and Romance

Consider how you handle job hunting, interviews and orientations. It's all about business. Not to be a killjoy of the great Bohemian revolution regarding dating and romance, but in the realm of getting back into the dating scene, it's so tough breaking out of the current mold you're in and entering the battlefield that we almost feel like we have to write up a 'resume' featuring our very best benefits as a potential boyfriend or girlfriend!

And there's nothing wrong with that. Think about it.

When you go on a date, let's be honest here: the person on the date with you is not the ACTUAL person. The person you're on a date with is actually the REAL person's 'representative'. The same goes for you. You're appearing for that first date back into the scene not as yourself, but a 'representative' to get a feel for what's out there, who you're with, and whether or not the person's going to be a good fit for the one you're representing inside your head and heart.

You get yourself all gussied up, dressed up and looking good. It's about first impressions. It's about selling yourself.

When you write a resume, you're selling yourself for a job. When you prepare for a date, you're selling yourself, literally, for a potential marriage.

You're guarded, naturally, and that's to be expected. That's understandable. Any normal person, especially the one you're on a date with, would understand that just as well (especially if he or she also has the same mindset).

So listen: perhaps you've taken a course in resume writing or interview preparation. Maybe you know how to negotiate salaries and bonuses. If that's the case, guess what: you should be a natural at first-time, second-time and third-time dating. It's a breeze for you.

Just be sure to know that if you do get serious with the relationship you're now in, that you remain committed. After all, that's what employers look for in a good employee now, don't they? Commitment. Until then, though, feel free to go "job hunting" all you want, like one-night stands, as mentioned below, before making that big corporate step.
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