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Galaxy Note has been upgraded to ICS thanks to The Collective! We'll see how it compares to the AT&T ICS release when it comes out sometime towards the end of next year. (maybe)
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Sigh. I don't want to root, but I just might have to now.
I have to say, for a first shot at ics, it's very stable, very smooth, and a piece of cake as far as the install.
I am on the ICS leak. Does that make my rooting process any different?
So wait, you're already rooted? have cwm? How did you get the ics leak on?
If not you'll need to go through the usual process, root, cwm, factory reset, flash rom...
ICS leak was an Odin package.
Ah, well come to the dark side...if you're putting a new rom on, what's the difference if you root? :) Simple odin pda...done.
I feel like such a noob. Can I use Da G's kernel even though I am on ICS?
Good question...i don't know. Honestly, head to the xda thread above and ask there, someone will know. Don't want to tell you the wrong thing and screw your phone up.
I am looking into using Odin to flash CWM and then flashing Seraphim. has a really easy method for ICS users. Are either of you left handed? If so, how accurate is the S Pen for you on this ROM? I ask, because it got a lot worse for me on the ICS leak.
No worries. It is the story of my life. ;-)
I posted this in XDA, but is GPS the same for you on this ROM (fix and tracking)?
I'm just trying to figure out whether or not I was just un-thanked. :)
I have had no issues at all with gps, pre or post upgrade.
I am on it now. Very nice. Now I am restoring everything before I get to messing around.
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