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Artist and Writer @ChickenOutfit
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Dave Stevens (29 July 1955 – 10 March 2008, USA) was an American illustrator and comics artist. He is most famous for creating The Rocketeer comic book and film character, and for his pin-up style ‘glamour art’ illustrations, especially of model Bettie Page.

He won the first Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award at Comic-Con International in 1982, and received both an Inkpot Award and the Kirby Award for Best Graphic Album in 1986.

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Tom Sutton (15 April 1937 – 1 May 2002, USA) was a comic book artist who sometimes used the pseudonyms Sean Todd and Dementia. He is best known for his contributions to Marvel Comics and Warren Publishing’s line of black-and-white horror-comics magazines, particularly as the first story-artist of the popular character Vampirella.

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4 days to vote. Gimmie some sugar, baby!

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스팸주먹밥, Spam Rice Ball
Cute and delicious !!! Let's eat spam rice ball today.
I saw a channel 'My little TV' yesterday, Chef Baek made this during his recipe introduction. It looked so easy but very delicious. I used to enjoy spam with rice for quick meal time. I think this rice stack is somewhat upgraded way that anyone can enjoy in short time. I tried to make new Korean rice menu today. =D

How to cook?
A. Prepare rice, spam, seaweed
B. Put a slice of spam on the pan and fry it 1 min.
C. Take a slice of spam out of pan
D. Put it into spam can
E. Put a small piece of seaweed on the spam
F. Put a ball of rice on the seaweed
G. Press rice hardly
H. Upside down the can and take all out of the can
I. One set of spam rice ball is done
J. Follow this routine one more time
K. Then, two set of rice balls are served like this photo
L. Put a little bit of mayo on each spam rice ball
M. Put a little bit of sesami seed over the rice ball
N. All done !!!

How to enjoy?
A. Grab a set of rice ball by hand
B. Do big bite.
C. Chew it slowly and swallow it
D. Taste the taste of rice, seaweed and spam at the same time
E. Say 'So~ good !'
F. Show your big smile =D
G. Keep eating until finish all
H. Enjoy its taste as much as you can
I. Completed

Ok, now you know how to cook and enjoy Korean style of rice ball. Let's go !!!

#주먹밥 #Riceball #Spam #Koreanfood

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FINAL DAY (33 hours, ends Friday at midnight)! If you haven't backed us yet, this is your last chance to do so:

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FOUR DAYS left to back the critically acclaimed satirical fantasy horror comic. We're at 70% - get onboard now and help get us to 100%.

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9 days left to back the critically acclaimed cult comic:

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Xber Xabre is a global leader in all forms of online entertainment. We’ve been "jack-of-all-trades" in this business since we invented the push jpeg! (Think about that for a second.) Whatever you may think you do, we do it BETTER.
At Xber our mission is simple – to help your business (or at least our business) achieve astronomical success!
Our company is not above trying to blind you with foolish and incomprehensible jargon! We’ll have your head spinning so fast you’ll have no idea what you’re paying for. Don’t try to get any kind of refund or we’ll drive your company into the ground! We have great lawyers. And piles of cash!
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