The last of my "river plots" on high school math in the U.S. is on the subject of race. The data set I'm using (HSLS:09, NCES, 2015) includes students' self-reported race in a format similar to that used on the U.S. Census.

The plots suggest differences in math course completion by race, particularly between Asian and non-Asian students. For example, Asian students are much more likely than students of other races to complete 4+ math classes in high school, and much more likely to complete calculus. I see several other differences, including what appears to be lower math completion rates among Hispanic/Latino students.

Race is a touchy subject of course, but I want to make my stance clear. I am a data analyst, and self-reported race is a data point associated with a social construct that is widely understood to have an important role in U.S. education. I am aware of no scientific evidence that observed racial differences in mathematics achievement have any genetic basis. Please read scholarly literature on race in education instead of forming opinions from your experience or my silly charts.
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