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Spent the bulk of my week doing jury duty. It gave me a lot to think about, and not all of it good. The experience was worthwhile, but I can't in any way say that I'm "glad" to have done it.
Living in the city of St. Louis, the odds are that you’re going to be called for jury duty pretty frequently. From most of the folks I’ve …
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I had a nearly identical experience in Texas several years ago when I was selected for jury duty.  The trial was for aggravated sexual assault of a child.   Everything you described brings back memories for me.  Thankfully, we reached a unanimous verdict of guilty in only a couple of hours of careful deliberation.  

Then, the sentencing phase began, when we were instructed of the defendant's past behavior.  It was not pretty.  

After it was over, the judge came into the deliberation room and thanked us for our service.  He mentioned that this case was tried before and ended in a hung jury and mistrial.  He advised us to do our best to forget about what we'd heard described in the courtroom.  After I got home, it felt good to finally be able to discuss the case with my wife.  A few beers were also in order.  
That really sucks to have to be a juror on a case like that. You did a real good job in the article breaking things down. Fortunately for me living in Idaho, and in an especially rural part, I have never been called for duty. Thanks to you and +Phil Baker for doing your part.
This could be looked at a number of ways, depending on your particular form of cynicism. If the prosecutor didn't call those additional witnesses, it could have been because it wouldn't have helped their case, or because they too just assumed that the victim was making it up and were only going through the motions. If the defense lawyer didn't call those additional witnesses, it could have been because it wouldn't have helped their case, or the defense lawyer was lazy/incompetent/sure they could win without them/whatever.

Having been on a jury for a fairly serious criminal case, I believe "my" prosecutor did a very good job. But as you noticed can happen, a number of the other people on the jury completely misconstrued one of the important points being made. Juries aren't perfect, but they're usually a better choice than a judge deciding someone's fate.
That was a very interesting read. Thank you for sharing.
We don't have jury system in India. I agree that it is by far a better system compared to a single person sitting in judgement.
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