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Grace is clearly making a statement about the cold weather we've had recently. 
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Santa hat. Valentine's PJ's. Yep, that right about where Spring is stuck! (She's a little cutie!)
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Joe Betsill

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If you don't challenge directly those views and actual people who promote them, of the federal government being a force of evil, an agent of Satan, or what have you, then you are failing to take reasonable steps to protect yourself and family, and I daresay your community, from a society torn apart by them.

They aren't just cattlemen in the American Southwest, or pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine, or Hezbollah in Lebanon or Syria, or Al Qaeda everywhere else in the Middle East. They are everywhere, and in every country. They are the ones who fear change and modernity, itself, who are nationalistic, and in all ways group-formed identities, with no illumination; no ray of the light of Western civilization (or Eastern, for that matter). They know all the words, but the words map to an insufficient internal map of meaning. 

On 9/11, the ones from over there attacked the US mainland, and when they did, they stirred up the ones over here, and we lost the country to them for a brief time. It could happen again. Look, it's easy for them to get what they want. What they want is a world they understand, with Good Guys versus Bad Guys, national borders, and war, and a worldview/economy based on scarcity. As we move away from what they understand, all they have to do in order to get their world back is cause violence. If they cause violence, then the government (on our behalf) has to answer them with violence, and then they get what they want - a continuation of group-based antagonisms which empowers the like minded civilians and those who are their cognitive cousins in the halls of the government, law enforcement, and the military. They all get strong feedback on who they are and what they stand for, and where they fit into the world, and the rest of us keep accommodating their pathetically primitive worldview.

We've swelled the ranks of domestic surveillance and law enforcement with them, and then we try to control their time and will, and let them monitor other people like them among the population, and we hire them into the military, and likewise keep them in training and occupied while the rest of us, you know, look forward to evolution and positive freedoms, which are useless to them at large.

We've run out of places to put them. We've run out of busy work. The only thing government can do is meet them with violence, and that makes them stronger. That's why the government walked away from the insurrectionist cattlemen down in the American Southwest. We want government to stop them, and to stand between us and them, but that plays right into their hands.

That's why the weight is on us to stop them. You could remain among people who think like you, and just ignore them, but that doesn't mean they won't eventually find a way to gore your ox. No, it's all on us. You have to get your hands dirty and confront these people as civilians, and when they resort to what they know (coercion and violence) on civilians, then government will be able to act on it without inadvertently helping them.

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Joe Betsill

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Illegal Rice Cookers

Stance: It's incorrect to charge this guy with "possession of a hoax device".

Reasons: FTA: "Edson told police officers he was an art student and the rice cooker in his bag was a “prop,” according to a witness."

If he never claimed it was a bomb, then it wasn't a bomb hoax. It was undoubtedly in poor taste, and while I disagree with the vague nature of the other two "crimes" he was charged with (disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace) at least he actually committed them. 

That's not to say that the police should not have responded as they did, as if he did have a bomb, but when it turned out that he was telling the truth when he said it was a prop, then that particular charge shouldn't apply.

For contrast, if he had said (and it was true) that the bag was full of textbooks, they probably would have blown it up anyway because of his behavior, but would they have still charged him with having a hoax device? I don't think so. Either scenario, he had the same amount of explosives, and told the same level of truth to the police.
A deranged man in woman’s clothing caused a nightmare flashback Tuesday when he rushed the finish line of the Boston Marathon with an apparent hoax bomb made out of a…
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+James Preston Thomas Sure, every school boy with aspirations of a career in law knows that like a phrase, the casuistry of every case can be turned in one way or the other regardless of the moral probabilism involved to the benefit of the case...

Yet the lad is in deep shyt... The D.A. will charge him, although I doubt the phrase "possession of hoax device" will appear anywhere on the People's Complaint... And his legal team will have to argue, if the court & jury do not buy his being there was by happenstance and that he is a "victim of circumstance"; it really wasn't meant to be anything more than a joke and if it wasn't the laddy isn't well;  even though no one  was laughing and he was well enough to give this sick joke a try...Good luck with that case, they may be already "selling tickets to the hanging"... And if you pity this laddy or  think he is getting a bad shake here, maybe start a cigarette and lube money fund for him, because I think he'll do a little time for this... 
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Joe Betsill

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I want it in me

That's right, I said it. I found my new diet food. I'm totally doing this next time I grill.
If KFC can go double down on chicken, The Vulgar Chef can totally split a bacon cheddar sausage down the mid section and stick a god damn dog in it. Because, like he says, bread makes you fat but protein is just fine. I want one so badly.
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Putting ketchup on a hotdog is wrong. Putting it on sausage is disgusting.
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Anti Vaccine Ridiculousness

How does one get through medical school still believing that vaccines are dangerous?
Both chicken pox and pneumonia are preventable with vaccines, but Abby’s mom, Shannon Duffy Peterson, who lives in the rural area of Sleepy Eye, Minn., said her pediatrician steered her away from vaccinating her daughter.
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+Alex Quirk They seem to think that they are entitled to believe anything that can be plausibly argued to their satisfaction.

Well, they are entitled to believe it, but they seem to think that if they (or enough people?) believe something, then it must be true.
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Rittenhouse 100 
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Line M up
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Two years ago today: Grace's first photo shoot!

Edit: Due to some confusion on Facebook, I am going to explicitly state that my wife is not pregnant, and it is not Grace's birthday.
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+Ron Betsill I've seen how she treats the cat and dog. 
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That post about Censorship vs Freedom of Speech

I find this stance to be more than a little pedantic.  Sure, the things described in the comic (being banned, show canceled, blocked, etc) aren't a violation of the First Amendment, but they're still censorship.

The proper response to speech you disagree with is more speech, not effectively plugging your ears, sticking your head in the sand, or "showing the door"; none are in any way invalidating the stance. It's effectively saying that because you don't like the speech, that it's not worthy of your consideration, even though you can't show why it's wrong. Further, dismissing someone's stance because [you think] they're an asshole is the textbook definition of an ad hominem logical fallacy.

(Trolling, logical fallacies, etc excepted.)

Alt Text for comic: I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.

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+Joe Betsill Okay.
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I had to scrape snow off my car this morning. 
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Hey, wait a second! It's only 41 in Maryland! Not fair!
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Glass Envy

Today is going to be a tough day for me. Man I want one of these! 
Today’s the day to become a Glass Explorer

We let the cat out of the bag, you marked your calendars, and the time has finally arrived. If you're a US resident who is 18+, you can purchase Glass and join the Explorer Program at

The Explorer bundle costs $1500+tax and includes your favorite shade or frame, a charger, pouch, hard case and mono earbud. As an Explorer, your feedback will help to shape how Glass evolves over time. 

We’ve got a limited number of spots available, so don’t wait too long – we can't wait to meet you and hear about your first adventures with Glass. 
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+Jessie Rice We've got a few here at work. 
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