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Designer of Tabletop Games and Layouts


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The Mirkasa Chronicles is finally live!

You can grab it with my other print/PDF bundles, or there's a discount available if you've bought some of my other DW stuff (check your inbox) or you follow me on Patreon.

There's 80-odd pages of goodness in this issue - collecting, remixing and updating previous releases through Patreon and all-new content. The main bulk is a setting guide and 3 linked adventures, but there's also plenty of inspiring fiction and even a new class to try out.

Give it a try, let me know what you think - enjoy!


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A Great Unclean One I painted earlier this year. So far, the only model I've used an airbrush on (I borrowed a mate's as a test.) Doing a purple basecoat on the undersides really brought out the pale sickly greens on top.

This model is so good. He was so fun to build and paint, and his abilities on the table are pretty awesome too (Amy hates when I use "Grandfather's Gift" because she knows I'm going to put on my stupid gross-man voice to do it.) I'm up to about 2000 points of Nurgle stuff now with a few things left to finish. With Soul Wars out, I've moved onto Stormcast for the time being.

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The third part of my unofficial Dungeon World trilogy, The Mirkasa Chronicles, is finally complete and has gone to DTRPG to be proof-checked!

All being well, it'll be available to buy as a Print and/or PDF (along with bundles with my other Dungeon World books) by the end of the week.

Enjoy some sneak previews!
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Anyone got experience with the new Pixel C? Cos mine is not so good, so far. (We'll send it back and get a refund, but want to know whether it's worth going for a replacement or a different tablet.)

Merry Chrimbus everyone!

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Florence is pretty great!

Hello! Most of my content goes in collections now, especially the Tabletop collection for geeky and game-design-related stuff. If you want to keep track of what I'm up to, I definitely recommend following that one.

If you've read some of my work and want to get in touch about it, or hire my services (I do freelance games design, as well as layouts, covers and materials for PDF and print), don't be a stranger.

If you've heard of my RPG products and want to read more, you can follow my adventures at, where I release a new adventure each month.

As of writing, I've just come back from Dragonmeet 2017, which was an absolute blast. I met lots of new people - if you're one of them, hello! I'll post a bigger writeup of the day's events in the Tabletop collection.

If you'd like to reach me, you can do so through a Google hangouts message, a patreon direct message, or my website (

New campaign idea: Blades in the Dark, except it's cyberpunk, except it's not really Cyberpunk, it's Batman Beyond (AKA Batman of the Future, AKA the most underrated Batman story of all time.) But the PCs don't know that until their criminal enterprise starts getting broken up by the Bat.

Only at the end do I tell them the game's called A Superstitious, Cowardly Lot...

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Quick signal boost for my August adventure. It's not linked to any of my previous adventures so it might be a nice jumping-in point. Also it's in DL (narrow) format mostly cos it looks cool :)
August's Dungeon World Adventure is out: Corpseglade! It's standalone, so you don't need any prior knowledge of my stuff to run it.

(If you like what I've written, you can support me by becoming my Patron from $1 a month, or pick up some of my printed DW adventures on DriveThruRPG.)

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Amazeballs! My picture from +Joel Carroll​ arrived!
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