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Here's that last adventure for March I promised!
Last adventure of the month!

Colobzreg is a 24-page all-new adventure for Dungeon World, set in the fictional land of Mirkasa (the same land as previous fan-favourites Havenshine and The Planarch Vault.)

It's a fictional port-city on the edge of the nation, caught between the fiercely traditional and the cutting edge. Your players might find great treasure hidden within - or their DOOM! (Oh noooo...)

Anyways, it's free and open to the public - you don't need to be a patron to grab it. (If you want to support me, you can join my Patrons, or grab my books on DTRPG if you haven't already.) Thanks, and enjoy!

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There'll be 1 more Patreon release before the end of the month, Colobzreg Harbour. It's shaping up nicely!

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What's going on with me at the moment?

+Amy Stringer​ and I have a venue and a date for the wedding (May 2018.) There's always something to plan for this, but we've got time. Also, one of my best men has proposed, and made me his best man. (It's all getting a bit incestuous.)

We're moving at some point this year. Hopefully by the summer. We're not moving far - probably 5-10 miles from where we are now. (That's more of a deal where we live, just south of London, than it might be elsewhere in the world.)

I'm winding down my web design and development business, JBinc, over the course of 2017. Circa Jan 1st 2018, I won't be taking on regular web design clients or handling things like domains, hosting, or tech support.

In place of the web design, I'm exploring options around my passions: creative writing and tabletop game design. It's what I wake up and want to do in the morning, and I know I can do good in the field from my experiences here, and on Patreon and elsewhere. (I'll be posting separately about what's next for my tabletop stuff.)

All of the above has been a long time coming. I proposed on Jan 1st 2017, and we both knew this was going to be a long year with a lot of ups and downs. We're in March already and I feel I've only done a fraction of what I wanted to accomplish, but at the same time, I'm closer to being where I want to be in life than ever before.

Anyway, that's where I'm at right now. If you follow me here on G+ or elsewhere and were wondering why I've been quiet recently, now you know!

(Signing off with a picture of our hamster, Peep, who's generally a lot less flustered with life than I am.) 

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Final patron-only release of the month is a return to an old favourite. A Stench in Nosjad first came out in 2014; for this new edition I've added more content, clearer monsters, a map by Dyson Logos and a few other titbits too.

Have fun!

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Here's part 2 of Promises in Bone, which is set in my cold nation of Mirkasa and features, among other things, the fallout of a mountain-sized skeleton falling on a town. (If that isn't cause for concern for your players, I don't know what is...)

Part 1 is on Patreon too, but you need to be a patron to see it. (You can pledge for February then cancel after you've grabbed the PDFs.)

Non DW-related, but I put a micro-game called Stranger Chrome on DTRPG this week as well. Check it out if you like 1 or 2-page minimal adventures that might take you out of your comfort zone.

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The Green Scar is officially out in print! The bundle linked includes both print books and all the PDFs at one price. (If you've bought some or all of the PDFs before, their value will get taken off the bundle automatically.)

Thank you to everyone here who's lent their support over the years(!) I hope these bring you many hours of fantastic adventure with your gaming groups. I'm planning a third book to round out the trilogy later this year, so watch this space!

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all get appropriately awesome gifts. Hoping for lots of positive change and new awesome developments in 2017!

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New edition of The Green Scar going live on DTRPG right now...! (aff. link)

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Here's another revision of the 'Dungeon World Lite' ideas I've been toying with for a couple of months. Can I get some thoughts and feedback?

(An earlier version of these rules appeared in my Patreon release The Canopy of Broken Kings a couple of months ago.)

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Great work on the new release +John Harper! In my last session, my players moved their operations to the Docks in search of some high-society marks, so my Duskwall's diverged a bit from yours. So, I had some fun today putting together their new map, along with a few choice details!
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