- Iceland, 2013

I am just starting to work my way through some of the images I took in Iceland over the recent summer solstice.  This is one of the location that Colby Brown, Michael Bonocore and I visited more than once during our two-week tour of the country.  We drove a few hours and took a ferry to get here, then decided to leave and drive a few more hours to another location as we were chasing the light around.  It is always an adventure when traveling with no itinerary!

Several days later we were within 4 hours of this spot, so we headed out to try it again ... second time was a charm!!!  This crazy sky was right at the leading edge of a pretty good storm, which eventually caught up with us.  It started to dump heavy rain and the wind was blowing a nice steady 40mph.  At least we caught some of the nice light before getting drenched :)

#azure #iceland
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