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Cool Blue

My last post of this bridge and fog was decidedly on the warm side - so to balance it, here is a nice cool image to contrast with the heat.

My previous image is here:

Enjoy - and maybe I''ll see some of you out there soon :)

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I just happen to be listening to a video game soundtrack right now.  The orchestral tunes along with the photo just gave me quite a serene moment.
They were just looking for a way to get rid of some old stuff in the garage and thought, "let's push it out into the water and use it in a shot!"
Love the air of mystery this conveys. 
Beautiful (as always) +Joe Azure. I like the foreground, reminds me of a treasure chest from a shipwreck :)
Ed King
Love that foreground !!!
Not exactly a sea stack, but very cool shot with an intriguing twist.
Whoa, cool foreground. Great anchor. Sick shot, man. Gorgeous.
Cool find!   That block of wood reminds me of an old pirate chest!   Very cool ;-)
I can't get enough of the amazing photography and photoshops that I've been seeing on g+. Thanks.
Wow, this is incredible. Look at that cool old treasure chest buoy. Man, this is awesome. 
Amazing foreground, love the blue.
Did it ever came to your mind to look inside of the box. A temptation to find a treasure maybe or to open the mystery and find... maybe an empty box.
Very nice picture and sort of mysterious.
Looking "outside of the box" litarally speaking.
If this were a box - I would have certainly tried to get in.  It is a solid piece of wood (well several large pieces through-bolted together).  It is quite large maybe 4'x8' and 3' thick.
Stunning composition and shot! Brilliant work!
Wow!  This is a great photo also!!
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