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I know that many I have interacted with here on G+ will disagree with this partial decision:

Back when Sun controlled Java, and I was involved in some of the Java Specification Request (JSR) committees, I always thought that some sort of license was required for various uses of the APIs that we defined/created. It sounds like this jury came to a similar conclusion.
The jury has just now returned its partial verdict for the first (and perhaps most important) phase of the Oracle v. Google trial: The 12 jurors found Google had infringed on Oracle’s copyrights by it...
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Don't forget the judge directed the jury to assume API's are copyrightable to help answer the question of whether Google infringed. That direction makes the decision the jury came to kind of cut and dry. What isn't is whether Google was allowed to or not and this is why the jury is hung on this issue. Had the judge not given that direction or given different direction, I wonder if the jury would have come to same conclusion?
Too much of this stuff is driven by control and greed. I dont think that Oracle (yuk, dont get me started on them) gets to bend all the facts around now that they own Sun. Clearly Schwartz gave the outward ok to Googles use of Java and let them proceed. If this was an issue, Sun should have sued immediately, not years later once Google has developed an Android business.
If you have ever had the displeasure of using anything Oracle, you will agree.....more lameness...
I agree about greed (control really is kind of just a means to the greed) driving a lot of stuff. Especially with public companies, where everything is about increasing shareholder value. On the other hand, it is hard to blame any company for doing what the market place requires them to do - increase the value of the company.

And if one doesn't agree with the way the markets work, ones choices are pretty limited for how to invest and save money :( I for one, know that I shoulder some of the "greed" blame because I keep money in a bank, own stock etc...
lol - I have used Oracle a bit. I like some aspects, dislike others. Some I disliked so much that I wrote some things that worked better :) Ah ... the good old days before the "frog" was even at version 0.5 - or even named Toad for that matter.
The oracle database is a workhorse. I've used it for very large business critical apps and it's never failed me. It's their frickin' business practices and arrogance that irritates me. And yes, fond memories of Toad. 
+Steve Cox :) I am always amazed at how many people still use it. I was so young an naive back then - gave way too much away :)
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