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Because they were there, and I had a camera.

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Gorgeous color here +Joe Azure. I quite like the reflections in the beach as well.
gorgeous! this makes me wish I was closer to your ocean; the scenes on the east and west coast are very different.
Ed King
Joe awesome seascape these formations are great with the color
You could've also tried #whyareyoustillreadingthese and my favorite #thisisahashtag Great photo though! Did you plan this or just happy accident?
lol - I mostly shoot by accident :)
^big fibber!! this is not an accidental shot!!
this reminds me of the inside of my attic on hot summer day.
Thanks everyone for the comments/+1/shares :) Glad you like it!
absolutely gorgeous!!!! well captured. the lighting is perfect.
so cool the clouds blend in with the sky at sunset above the water
wang blends in the bambo forest when he hunts panda bears for the coats
chinaland welcomes you, daka
Happy and sunny, just like you +Joe Azure :-)

Thanks again for the awesome hospitality, it was a real treat to meet you and hang out with you.

Chat soon Bud,

Cool looking pic. I wish I can jump in to in , it looks peaceful!!l
That is a very awesome picture! Love the reflection from the clouds on the calm water
Woah that's so beautiful. Mmmmwah.
Lovely colors....What a magnificent scene!
Beautiful! I love the gorgeous color on the horizon, the silhouette and the wonderful reflections!!
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