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What Lies Beneath

By now, I am pretty sure that many people think that I am just plain crazy for going out and taking pictures for so many sunsets and sunrises. It is in fact the opposite though! Doing this, makes me feel more sane than at any other point in my life (and I have always been pretty grounded, so that is saying a lot).

Don't get me wrong, I still love computer programming and creating products that have the chance to have a positive impact on the world. But getting out into the world and creating images that hopefully resonate with other people, really makes me happy. And the fact that I get to continually learn in the process is all gravy!

Anyway, that is just a little of what lies beneath me :)


Tech: 60mm, f/14, 91 seconds, ISO 100, Singh-Ray rev ND grad.

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No need to explain +Joe Azure Other photographers know exactly what you mean.
I am more sane when I am being creative. There's no excuse for being an artist. Keep going....great shot +Joe Azure !
Wow, what an amazing capture!
Phenomenal capture! Really interesting how the vehicles light the pathway through the clouds. Great color too!
Oh, now that is awesome. I've never seen a shot of the bridge like that. Great work, Joe!
Totally glorious vision shot! Nice words to go with it as well! :-)
Joe, this is awesome. The colors are fantastic and I really like the glowing clouds surrounding the bridge. I've gotta get up here and shoot the bridge from this perspective.
Wow, that is stunning, absolutely stunning. I can image it as a large format aluminum print and it would kick ass!
I guess it is all about the state of mind. I am glad u chose photography and sharing the works with us all. Winning :D
this is such a fantastic, ethereal and inspiring image, +Joe Azure !! Thanks for sharing!
wonderfully stunning delightful and unique for such a famous land mark
I love your caption almost as much as the photo. Great work
I totally feel you +Joe Azure!! I too am a programmer :) ... who loves photography. 
Beautiful shot too btw, as always :)
+Joe Azure I crave to live with you so I can go with you every day. Your photos are therapy for me too. They are so beautiful. You claim to take pictures of a familiar object. But I have never seen it in a more beautiful way!! Keep it up. I will always be looking!!
Wow excellent! I enjoy doing this too and keep on learning stuff.
+Joe Azure, forget the tech about how you make the images. What I want to know is how you learned to make the images. Amazing...
that is breathtaking. really.
That is an amazing shot! Thank you for sharing!
If I had a POTD thing going on, this would be it today. Wow!
Wow - Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to comment/+1/share :)
That's a great shot. I really want to visit.
I don't think you are crazy!! I'd be shooting this everyday too!
Crazy? Could be, but I'm happy to be a member of that club. With the great sunrise and sunset opportunities we've been having, I say it's crazier not to go out and photograph, especially when living in such a phenomenally beautiful place. And the results speak for themselves - that's a stunning image. Maybe I'll run into you out there one of these mornings.
+Joe Azure, I haven't commented because there is nothing to say... you can knock me over with a feather...
The photo is beautiful, but the statement is actually better.
(acknowledges that you are prismatic)
Can never get enough of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in fog!
mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both are great but second one ooooo Laaaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaaah
I love this picture. You really have a good eye to capture this and thanks for sharing .
Up there with the very best pictures of the bridge...
This is magnificent. .. truly awesome
Hi Joe, I just love your photos and wish I could take photos as well as you do
wwooowww.... keerreeennnn... ^.^
wow the pic is really beautiful
Amazing image - what are the chances we could get it as a 1600-sized desktop wallpaper image? :)
It's beautiful...You're a very good photographer.
Wawwwww Wonder full Thats ,,,, A Common ...
you have an amazing talent :) the pics are gorgeous... God really knows how to beautify the world we live in :)
Crazy? ...not in my book, that's real good work right there!
and this is an amazing photograph
earth is so beautiful . we just need to seeit
Ted Orr
Great shot of GGB. Love it.
I only have one word for that...awesome
Great picture
i love it
god,s gift is nature human brain to future
Whatever you say, an interesting pic. Wonder what is in the foreground - is it a rock or something else ?
nature gives beautyful gifts to us like this
ha! crazy no! I do the same when I have time- each day is new amazing sunset!
I totally understand what you're saying about something seemingly insane making you feel ABSOLUTELY grounded....looking at the world through your lens makes me feel so much peace.
Thank you.
Gotta Love this view of how even when the fog is there it still is the most wonderful place to be at sunrise or sunset ... never a bad time ...
absolutely stunning and worth the early rise...california girl gone east
super shooooot................never give it up you are a good photopresenter................with an unique idea.........
very good shot.makes me fell as if i wuz in vallijo now thanks...
This is much more great than the other!!!!!
I envy to you... here in Milano will never be so shine.....
What a spectacular picture! I like the way you put that photography helps keep you sane. Beautiful work, and words.
awesome work Mr Joe.May GOD SUN help u to take pictures throughout your life.
Kd Dal
Really Good shoot.....Awesome...
Not crazy at all... but my question is, can I tag along sometime :)
U ain't crazy and it's some decent work u got there.
Pretty! nice photo of San Francisco.
Golden Gate bridge. :)
+Alexis Coram _ will add you to my SFBAy Weather circle - I post there sometimes when heading out - or just watching :)
Ren Zen
Truly beautiful.
As a Bay Area guy I get this, Joe! Keep on keeping on!
BREATH TAKING HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
My 8 year old will love this picture..he loves this bridge..he's never been there but if he sees it in a movie or picture he's just fascinated by it. Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs.
Stunning and surreal, wonderful photography. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Lovely. Looks like a million light bulbs under a sheet of cloud. Amazing photo.
Hi, I am new to GOOGLE+ and the whole making a comment process; but I wanted to say, I have had a look through the pictures you have taken, and I found some of them – well actual more than a few to be absolutely breathtaking. The way you have captured the way the sun rises and sets I can honestly say I have never seen it in the prospective you have produced – so well done.

That is great. Such a skilled photographer!
Looks like heaven... brilliant job !
can I ask what type of camera are you using ?
Lana P
If I try to touch it, it will disappear. It's like a we can only contemplate and enjoy it
Well keep doing what you're doing cause it fantastic. 
Make you realize how SMALL you are! Fantastic photos !
Wow....this is absolutely beautiful....what an aesthetic moment you captured here!!! I too love sunsets and sun rises....they paint the skies and touch light on our world so a paint brush. : )
That is beautiful, thanks for sharing! Now time for a dumb question - do they have fog burning lights or do they close the bridge when it gets like that?
Excellent work with beautiful colors !!!!!!!!
Sun rises and Sun sets are pretty magical times.. Brings out the colours of the world and makes even a drab landscape into a phenominal scene. thanks joe for sharing..
Pics or it didn't happen! Oh, wait... This picture is gorgeous! Seriously!
+Christopher Arena - Not sure what you mean. My camera takes images in RAW format, so they have to be converted to something people see. In that process, white balance, saturation, exposure, and contrast can be adjusted. I do those myself rather than let the camera do it for me :)
+Samantha O'Rielly The bridge stays open. The lights don't help much either, but it is a highway and stays open like most highways in fog.
sheen that can make a beautiful feeling in heart
+Hiro Fukui The time should be in the image details - but it was pre-sunrise. Taken on a hike up in the Marin Headlands.
+Joe Azure would love to have this photo in my screen save slideshow. could you please post a link to a higher res copy? thx!
+Steve Cox. If you click the image and view it in the Google+ photo viewer, there is a small link called 'Options" on the lower left of the image. Within that menu, you can download the full uploaded size image for you non-commercial use. Enjoy!!
That is a beautiful photo, I love taking photos at sunrise and sunset, and what you go there with the Golden Gate bridge is amazing
Hey, this picture isn't propery adjusting as my windows backgrond. Can you possible take it again saved in a larger aspect???
Hey Joe, I totally understand the sanity issue... i have to go for a drive and shoot to get away from the office.
Lol, I was just messing... Awesome picture though!!!
This is just a spectacular photo! Thank you for showing it to us!
Nia Dix
Most electrifying image I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!
Excuse me, but this if effing beautiful !!!! WOW
Mastershot !!!
You're not crazy, you're insane! Insanely great!
This is a one of a kind view, take it in.
I feel like I'm looking from an angel's POV. It's beautiful!
le Le
it's very great
Just beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!
Why is this not in the "Whats Hot" stream?
What am I missing?
~scratches head~
Joe, I saw this on some Google TOP THREADS FOR THE DAY thing, and silently said WOW... had no idea it was your shot until right now.
Double thumbs UP mate! :o)
Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this picture
+Joe Azure You should fix the description of the exposure length in the description. +Thomas Hawk keeps saying it's a 15 minute exposure on the show :)
I've spent some time in Washington State this past year..I also lived in Hawaii . When you mention loving sunrise and sunset shots..perhaps a little too much? Nah! I found Washington to be so much fun and diverse..Hawaii of course beautiful with the ocean and the sunrise over it. Never got old ..
Have to say it again... I love this shot.
Such amazing that low fog!
Wow!, amazing capture Joe
I don't imagine ANYONE would think you're crazy for going to places like this and taking such amazing shots. Staying at home and writing code? That would be crazy.
Phenomenal Joe! you own this Bridge!! Can you add me to your SFBAy Weather circle too?? :)
Amazing capture Joe, this is one of the best of SF Bridge I have ever seen, great job!
Wow, great captured. Nice contrast of colors, better composition.
Nia Dix
Absolutely brilliant!!
wow it's on my destop background now. look so beautiful..Thank you
Stunning shot! The coloring and lights just make for a great photo!
This may be the coolest photo I have ever seen of the bridge! Missing SF right now!
Impresionante foto
Such an inspirational and beautiful shot.Thanks for posting!
family bought a sofa and the color is exactly as the color as this scene    i named our sofa    SUNSET
the picture gets better and better each time around
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