New Image: "Disappearing"

When hunting fog at the Golden Gate Bridge, I am usually looking for fog that is from around the car deck and below. Very often though, the fog is higher and covers the tops of the towers instead. It does not mean that you can not still make interesting and pretty images, so go out and shoot it anyway :)
With Google+ going public and the new feature that allows the sharing of circles, I have many new people who have added me to a circle. Thanks to all of you. Take a look around this Golden Gate Bridge photo album and feel free to check out my others as well.

This should give you a feel for the types of images I produce and share here on Google+. I also periodically post about photo events here around the San Francisco area as well as tips about techniques, gear, locations etc. If these kinds of things are not of interest to you, I understand completely :) If they are, then Welcome! I look forward to sharing and interacting with you.

As always, I welcome comments, criticism, discussion, sharing, +1s :)
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