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Joe Azure

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As Seen on TV...

For the next two weeks, I am having a 25% off sale on all metal and paper prints of the images that have been featured on +Google ChromeCast!

I went through my catalog and pulled all of the images (that I know of) into one gallery over on +SmugMug.  Any prints you wish to order during this sale can be purchased for 25% off using the coupon code:



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Maravilhoso joe 
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Camping with +Jeep and +Goal Zero

Even though the moon was full and bright, it was still nice to have my Light-a-Life ( to give us enough illumination to read.

+Brian Rueb, Dan Rodgers, Jax and I found a great place to camp along the edge of the Black Rock Desert as we explored for a few days. It was Fluffy's (my Jeep Wrangler) first time out to play since I got her. She handles the 4x4 roads like a champ, and with the exception of one flat tire, the weekend was uneventful. But that was my fault .... the Black Rock Desert is not friendly to the stock tires.

#MyBeautifulEarth #EarthDay #azure
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Nice and cosy.
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Joe Azure

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Are you a cyclist or a runner?  Are you using the free Strava App yet?

Strava Challenges are a lot of fun - go for it!
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I cycle and occasionally run and like to use the freebie Strata.
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Joe Azure

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Coming this next August ... Reserve your spot to join us :)
"The Evergreen Flow"
Sitka, Alaska

Situated in the Tongass National Forest...Sitka, Alaska has an abundance of beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests and a variety of wild life, including bald eagles and the great Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear, which can be larger in size than Grizzlies.

Photo Details:
Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikon 24-70 f/2.8
ISO: 80
Exposure: f/22 at 5.0 secs

Post Processing Details:
The biggest challenge with most images of forests is getting the green color just right. Most of the time greens in a "properly exposed" photo of a forest will come out more gray then that lush dark green. To fix this, I used Lightroom to make some simple adjustments to contrast, vibrance and the shadow sliders. I then went into Photoshop and opened up +onOne Software's Perfect Effects to apply a variety of filters, including one for adjusting the green hue to more accurately reflect the green I wanted for this scene. Once back in Photoshop, I then cleaned up any distracting leaves and small branches from the scene using the content aware brush.

If you are looking to explore Alaska, I still have a spot or two open for my August Alaska workshop. More info can be found here:
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Before the Fire
    - Yerba Buena Island, CA

Here is an image from last fall.  The sunset was shaping up to be a stunner.  Unfortunately, after the sun went down, a wildfire started on the hillside below and quickly spread uphill, feeding on the copious amounts of dried grass and brush.  I was thankful that I was fast enough to get myself and most of my gear out before the entire hill was engulfed in flames.

One of the news reports speculated that fireworks may have been the cause (  But it wasn't fireworks ... A couple local (and semi-local) photographers were spinning steel wool below, and some of the sparks landed in the brush, starting it to burn.

Luckily we got out, and so did the two photographers below, so nobody was hurt (unless you count the little critters that got burned up).  As we head into another dry season, please be careful what you do out there.  And no... I am not going to name the photographers responsible her on social media... it's easy enough to figure out who (look for portfolios containing lots of pictures from this location, and many steel wool spinning shots).

Be Safe!
#baybridge #sanfrancisco #yerbabuenafire
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Joe Azure

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I don't have a Galaxy - but if I did, this is the case I would get!  I have the Rogue case on my iPhone - and love it :)
Recon - Available to Order!

All of the premium versions of the Recon Line are now available to order and will start shipping on Friday. Act now to get revolutionary protection for your S5 that trumps anything else on the market!

#android   #galaxys5   #s5   #samsunggalaxys5  
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Oooooohhhhh... I have a Galaxy S4 at the moment.  Soon to be S5.  Me likes!
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Light's Embrace

Yay - it is #monocromemonday  - so here is animage of my favorite bridge.  

The location is easy to get to (just costs $ if you have to cross the bridge), conditions are always beautiful (unless there is no visibility), and you are very likely to find me hiking around somewhere!   So come on out and take some pictures over here sometime :)

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Ghost Trees
    - Yosemite Valley, CA

Tressa Crozier, Jax and I took a weekend trip recently. We missed the fresh snow which fell a week later, but it is always nice to spend time in one of the greatest places on earth 

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Thought provoking....
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Joe Azure

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... by the light of the moon. 

What a great weekend out in the Black Rock Desert with my friends +Brian Rueb and Dan Rodgers. Also - can not forget Jax the Wonder Dog! He learned to swim in freakin' hot spring. How cool is that!!!

While Jax was swimming around us, we soaked for hours as the sun marched across the sky. What a blast 

Huge thanks to my #Jeep (Fluffy) sponsor +Michael Bonocore  for making this image possible!!

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fascinating! what type of dslr u use? is it canon 3dx?? and then u edit the photos whit what kind of software???
i actually wanna become a photographer after see this photos : ) 
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Joe Azure

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Who all are running heartbleed scripts on a big server cluster - just to see what you can see?
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Interesting enough one of the few times I get bragging rights about running IIS servers lol - although we've got a couple edge firewalls that were affected.  Mashable has a good list of popular services that were\are affected.
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