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Current setup. On Beta 7.0

Help, I had a G+ created for my business and it was all hooked up to the listing on google maps. I had a client tell me my G+ link on my website shows a error. "The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know." I logged into my G+ page for business and it is gone, it is just a standard page. I try to setup a custom URL and it will not let me use my old one. It wants me to add to the back of the url even though the page does not exist? Any ideas? It used to be which shows the error. Thanks in advance for any help

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Check these out!
Awesome giveaway.....celebrating 5000+ installs for Ruggon. New update pushed to Google Play as well.

How to Participate in Giveaway?
- +1 this post
- re-share this post
- comment

Whats the Giveaway
The giveaway will vary with the number of plus 1s received by the post:
*10 Plus Ones - 5 Vinty Icon Pack Codes
*25 Plus Ones - 7 Sticko Icon Pack Codes
*50 Plus Ones - 10 Vibion Icon Pack Codes
*75 Plus Ones - 20 Simplo Icon Pack Codes
*100 Plus Ones - 30 Ruggon Icon Pack Codes
*200 Plus Ones - 50 Drawon Icon Pack Codes
*350 Plus Ones - Everyone who commented gets any one icon pack they want from my entire list of packs.

Example: If the total plus one is say for example 80, then users can request Vinty, Sticko, Vibion or Simplo on a first come first serve bases only. There would be 5 Vinty, 7 Sticko, 10 Vibion and 20 Simplo to short you can request 1 copy of either vinty, sticko, vibion or simplo. If one is not available then you get the choice of the remaining and so on and so forth.

Winners Announcement and End Date
Winners are selected at random. The promotion ends in 2 days from this post. Winners will be announced on the 3rd Day. Codes will be given on the 4th day of this post.

Relevant Links
Drawon (my most hard worked icon pack):

Ruggon (second most popular icon pack):

Ruggy (old and my most popular):

Vion (first of its kind - shapeless and 3D):

All my Icon Packs and Free Widgets:

Ruggon Extra Free Wallpapers:


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New Theme coming to S7 check it out!

This is my first draw of themes, so be patient.

- Theme of the week: Zorfex;
- Description: A black theme based on material design with vibrant colors, round icons based on Google stock and wallpaper with all the theme colors;
- Number of codes: 20;

- How to participate:
1) Mark +1 and comment I'm in! in this post;
2) Share this post with your circles or communities;
3) Wait for the draw on Friday (10/06);

The paid themes are only available for 14 countries, so if you do not have access to them do not worry, I'll help you!

Good luck! 😀

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Cool military design watchface! #smartartstudios 
Marine Digital Watch Face Promo Code Giveaway

We are Running a promotional code giveaway for our newest Interactive watch face. 
We will Choose Winners randomly till Monday (25-4-16).

To Enter in this Giveaway All you need to do is:-

1. SHARE and +1 this Original Post!
2. Follow US
*3. Comment Below *

Please follow ALL 3 steps mentioned above.

Here is the link to the Marine Digital Watch Face: **

* To see Our other Interactive watch faces -  **

* Giveaway will end this Monday (25/4/16) . 

* Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you for the support!


#watchface  #watch    #smartartstudios   #android   #androidwear   #smartwatch   #huawui   #moto360    #digital   #giveawaway   #promotion   

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I smell prime fees rising, since they are trying to cut out UPS. Not sure how accurate this post is since I can not remember the last time UPS delivered one of my amazon packages. More items come from Fedex/USPS or Ontrac to me.
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