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The Rhythmic Dance of Existence

Part of a speech by Alan Watts, mixed with a beautiful track by Anilah and a video created by director Jody Schiesser ( with the help of cinematographer David Wright and dancer Emerald Dove. Reimagined by Omega Point--the astonishing ongoing project of Omid Pakbin. The song is by Anilah (

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The new MTV Series, The Shannara Chronicles​, is very much pop and adapted to what MTV thinks its audience will relate to, but even so, it excites me, as I loved the novel "The Elfstones of Shannara" - it was one of those novels that took me in deep and inspired me when I read it, somewhere in my teen years.

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An astonishing story about a group of talented artists wishing to rise above extreme poverty and racism in a most extraordinary way -- and because of their alliance they encountered drama, violence, murder, rejection -- and later -- exceptional triumph.  Not allowed in art galleries during their time, these artists sold their art out of the trunks of their cars along the Florida highways.  21 of their paintings are currently showing at the Beach Institute museum gallery here in Savannah.  A feature film based upon their story, titled THE UNKNOWNS, will begin filming in the Savannah area next year.

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My friend +Richard Ginn wrote this almost exactly a year ago.  It contains the kind of playful thinking that I love about Richard.  Journey well, gentle soul. You'll be missed.

Shared publicly  -  Mar 12, 2014 #Ketchup  

"So, I've been mixing different fountain pen inks to get a color that I really like.  The color of the ocean in deep water, blue green black in just the right shades.  I mixed many very small batches of inks, 12 drops of a blue, 1 or 2 drops of one green or other, a drop or 2 of a green-blue-black I like.  I got pretty close and I can use one of the mixes and I know exactly how to make it now.  Then I had all these small amounts of samples left over so I poured them all into one container and labeled it "Heinz" (as the bottle of ketchup says, '57 Varieties') - and that is a far better color than anything I carefully mixed up, and there's no rational way to spend enough time to duplicate that color, so when it's used up, it's gone. 

Let that be a lesson, or an example, or something.  I have no idea what it would be, but I'm sure it applies to lots of things.

What did you learn lately?"

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I had the good fortune to work Locations on this Warner Bros. sequel to MAGIC MIKE this past Fall 2014 in Savannah.  Coming July 1, 2015!

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