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I got a great close up view of a rose breasted gross beak at the Montezuma Wildlife Festival today.
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I'm guessing that isn't a wild bird?
It is actually. They caught it in a mist net, banded it, and then released it.
Neat, we were wondering if it just landed for treats or something ;).
He's really pretty. Is the guy holding him by the feet?
Yes, but I don't know the details. I think the guy holding him is an Ornithologist or something close so he knows what he's doing. The bird was not happy about the whole situation though. The guy said that normally he'd let people touch him but this one was a biter.
Hah! Biter. It's interesting to know that its even possible to hold them by the feet. I had a pet sparrow that size for a while. She was really cool.
I was just asking a friend of mine who would know, and she says this is called a photographer's grip. There's another called a bander's grip that keeps you from getting bitten but you can't see the bird as well.
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